Destructoid Hands-On With Halo 3 DLC

Destructoid writes, "Represented in the Heroic Pack's three maps is a good bit of variety, a little something for everyone. At Bungie's studios in Kirkland, the team showed off all three maps and had us run a gauntlet of each in a variety of gametypes to get a sense of their best applications. Fancy yourself some big team battles and lots of ground to cover? Rat's Nest is for you. Is your itchy trigger finger best served by a bit of customization? Foundry's got you covered. And for those lads who like their blood-letting a little up close and personal, there's Standoff. All in all, a great day. Thanks to Bungie for the free food."

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Rhezin3851d ago

Good cuz for me halo 3 has lost it's spizazz, Call of Duty 4 has dominated me. These new maps should do de trick