Unreal Tournament III: PS3 Bullet Blasting Gameplay

Here is a video showing some bullet blasting gameplay for the PS3 version of the highly anticipated shooter Unreal Tournament III.

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gw4k3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

Looks pretty darn good.

Lets buy it when it comes out.


Kind of short video, but awesome none the less!

smart_head3852d ago

Look out for GraveMonger. Oh wait, you won't... 'cause you'll be looking out for my rockets!

gamesR4fun3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

this vid is poor qual the actual game looks unbelievable really puts gears to shame...

edit here check it for real

@ the disagrees wth did you watch the vid I posted did you see teh crisp quality of the game clearly puts any fps Ive seen on any console to shame. Or you just another fanbot on a mission???

Barreldragon003852d ago

did you just copy and paste your last sentance from mine?
I'm shure you didn't say that before i wrote mine.
; )

Mr_Kuwabara3852d ago

What's great about watching this small trailer is that it'll soon become a reality (as in me playing) in my living room. =P

crazy250003852d ago

im hoping to get it when it comes out.......i will be stalking the walmart electronics person as i wait for the shipment =)

PS3PCFTW3852d ago

surround sound..........droooooooooools *

Barreldragon003852d ago

Kind of short video but awesome non the less.

Peekay3852d ago

that guy "claw" had some serious ownage coming his way in this video. Just like i'm gonna do to some of you fellas when i get this baby in my hands! =P

crazy250003852d ago

PSN crazy25000

lol ill be looking to smash ure face :)

Peekay3852d ago

i'm importing - not sure how long it'll take - but dont worry i'll find you in the cross hairs of my $niper rifle before i head shot you =P

pacman6153852d ago

psn : destined2shine , can't wait for this bad boy, see you fellaz 6 feet under after i wipe the floor with ya lolz jk

PStriple7033852d ago

Dec.11th needs to hurry up!

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The story is too old to be commented.