Fall Update Claims Loot Ninja Editor's 8th Xbox 360

Loot Ninja is fed up with broken Xbox 360's. One editor just had his 8th console to die. Like they've said before, the editor hasn't had any other systems die on him. Ever. The Xbox 360 is the only system ever to break. And now he's gone through 8 of them. Tonight, after grabbing the new Fall Dashboard Update, it started making weird noises and froze up in Guitar Hero 3. When the editor turned it off and back on… guess what? Yep. Red Ring of Death.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

not surprising. my friend has had 5 returns(2 in the last 2 months).
i had 2 go in around a year.

8th is CRAZY.

MS should be sued for this.

If you buy a product good/bad it at least should WORK.


that was honestly one of the weakest things EVER said on N4G.
and alot of ridiculous thing have been said.

if your proud of that, keep it goin i guess.

and by the looks of it, your avatar represents how much personality/character you have.


i always left mine horizontally, my ps3 is horizontal as well.

vertical SCARES me.

@EVERYONE saying the people who have them BREAK seem to have multiples BREAK.

did you ever think maybe it`s because their the HARDCORE gamers ACTUALLY USING IT ALL THE TIME.

like they should be ABLE to do.

drunkpandas3730d ago

Yeah, I'm not too happy right now

eLiNeS3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Didn't your parents teach you not to whine?

I guess the disagree is a NO! Thanks

@Anego Montoya
Suck the poop ninjas balls some more why don't you!
Hows that? Is that better?

@KingME \/ \/ \/
I agree 100%, I have disliked the poop ninjas for sometime with there negative articles against the Xbox 360. There full of $hit!!!

socomnick3730d ago

I have noticed that people who have had a xbox break on them once are prone to having multiple failures. I have had my launch xbox and its seen heavy use and have had no problems. It have it lying horizontally by the way.

KingME3730d ago

I looked at this guys previous post just to see what I'm dealing with here. From what I see, we are NOT dealing with a neutral party here. His post are pretty much as follows:

Never anything bad or negative to say about the PS3
Never anything good to say about the wii
Plenty of anti-M$ talk and plenty of negative to say about the 360.

Now with that being said, I'm calling BS on this story. The thing that strikes me as odd is how someone with such hate for MS and the 360 allowed this problem to reach the count of 8 without bailing.

You either love pain or you're a big liar! I go with the ladder.

dantesparda3730d ago

And that one came freezing up and disc read erroring since day 1. So its MS fault that is fvcked up for sending back faulty replacements not mine. I got this last one back on July 22nd, when all the fanboys where saying that they had the extra heatsink in them that would magically fix the problem. Yet this one i can clearly see has no extra HS in it. I can see right where it would be (the HS) and its not there! I dont really use my 360 that much in my opinion (i go days and sometimes weeks without using it). And to all the fanboys, lets be honest, the system is a piece of sh!t made product, face it! Period!!! No matter what you's say! It hasnt RROD on me yet, but the drive keeps getting louder and louder. And i cant count the number of times it freeze up on me or disc read errored me out of a game, making me lose all the progress i would make in a game. How come none of this Loot Ninja's guy other consoles have died? how come no other video game system I've ever bought has died on me? And to blame people for it for standing it up when its MS who made it so you can or blaming people for playing it too much when that's what millions of people do and are suppose to be made to do, is just completely and utterly ridiculous. But then again, what else would i expect from fanboys other than ridiculousness!?

MS should be sued and that would send them a message, to never let it happen again! This is completely and utterly unacceptable and anybody who excuses it away deserves the 360 to be a faulty product (which we all know it is), now stop being blind loyalists and demand better out of MS

And to elines, take your own advice and stop "whining" about him. And for that matter stop whining about the PS3 all the time you are obsessed you "whiny" little fanboy. And to Razer further down below me, stop "b1tching" all you've done lately on all your posts is b1tch about people talking sh!t about the 360, its pathetic!

unlimited3730d ago

exactly hardcore gamers play hours on the system..I think their is time limit on how long you can play your 360s before it dies out..

PS3PCFTW3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

HAHA............that was funny.

Im not surprised of my friends was up there at 10-11 rrods. his theory was the 40%theory( keep sending them in until you get one that doesnt crash and go red......or sumsh1t like that. he had like this whole scheme planned out, which to me sounded logical but didnt work out for him)
My friend WAS a diehard xbox fan, but i think he had enough with the whole next day shipping-1 month turnaround.

i play him in warhawk almost everyday now. We dont really talk about his experience cuz were friends above ALL this dumb sh1t........but we both know he wasted his time with that whole thing. he says it every so often on his own terms, its not something i rank on him 4 though.

to those that think this article is false, go to best buy and hang around the "customer returns" area........youd be surprised how many people rrod DAILY.

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Hydrollex3730d ago

Can PS3 die like Xbox 360 ? Absolutely no

so Xbox 360 1 0 PS3

yea xbox 360 won 1 to 0 yeaaaaa lol happy christmas 360 fans, I hope your 360 never dies !!

razer3730d ago

This is already turning into a free-for-all bash the 360 and jerk your chicken on the PS3 thread..

Have 2, never had a problem.. Still going strong.. Sorry to those who had problems. If your fed up, don't whine like a little b!tch sell it and buy a Wii.

drunkpandas3730d ago

Not whining, stating fact. If 8 of the same product dies in 2 years, there's a big problem. I've had a PS3 and Wii since launch and haven't had any problems with either one

Anego Montoya FTMFW3730d ago

is from the "RROD Protection Group"

razer3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Sell it, sell your games and don't buy the "faulty" product. I don't want to defend the 360 hardware beyond saying the new systems appear to fix the issue. I can only speak for myself and say I'm not having any problems and the people I know who bought systems recently are having no issues as well.

EDIT: Says Angeno a member of the Sony Shaft Strokers group.

Polluted3730d ago

How was it turning into a PS3 thread? One guy had mentioned the PS3 when you made your post.

Sucks to be the guy on his 8th 360, though.

eLiNeS3730d ago

and which one do you play more? Most likely the Xbox 360 when it's working for you because of the games! Someday the RROD problem will be behind us, until then, keep the whining to yourself and keep returning the broke Xbox 360 until you find one that works.

Hatchetforce3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Suck it Razer. I am on 360 number 4. Go ahead and poke your head in the sand. With it's narrow cranial design and pointed nature it shouldn't prove that difficult. After all it is quite obvious you have been doing just such a thing for some time.

This is a 360 issue, not a PS3 issue. There are enough 360 stories that are mysteriously earmarked for the PS3 section. You can keep this one. Avoiding the discussion so you can live in your 360-never-breaks pretend world does not make the truth less accurate or viable.

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fiercescuba3730d ago

at razer:

The editor's who Xbox 360 broke loves the system. He is just pissed that it keeps breaking. Something this supposedly technically advanced should not break this much. Plain and simple.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3730d ago

is from the "RROD Protection Group"

razer3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I'm from the sick of hearing whining RRoD problems group. How is your 360 running Anego?? I'm curious because it would be a very very sorry situation indeed if you are just trolling and have such a sorry life that you need to worry about a system you don't own.. I mean that would be really pityful..

So how is it running?

uxo223730d ago

I understand where all parties are coming from, however the story is getting old. WTF, his 8th one broken, okay we know there's a problem. How many times do you need to report it to the public.

I'm also sure it had nothing to do with the fall update. He installs the fall update, and while playing guitar hero, his 360 makes a wierd sound (Was he play GH with his system muted, so how did he hear the 360 make a wierd sound.) It's just the same old story being told over and over again. Then everyone else start to throw in their lame @$$ stats as to how many have broken on them blah, blah, blah.

Im's just saying, it's getting old. Shut up about it already.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

like i said last time.

I`m NOT explaining it to you again.

you should SERIOUSLY get yourself check out for MEMORY PROBLEMS, seriously.


razor do you honestly think were ALL lying?

cause it really is quite pathetic.

ps. i thought you IGNORED me, REMEMBER. lol.

eLiNeS3730d ago

You guys have always wrote crappy articles and posted them here. Just sell the dame Xbox 360 and get a DelayStation!

oohWii3730d ago

The SAME people are getting repeat broken xboxes. While others have two year old launch machines with no problems and others have had one launch system break on them.

Perhaps it the way these guys are treating their consoles. Kinda like the dirty PS3 guy. There has got to be something that you are not telling us if you xbox has broken 8 times. The common denominator here is the user.

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joeynox3730d ago

I doubt this is true. After 3 returns ms sends out brand new xboxes. My bros box died once because if his own faul;t and 2 others just crapped out and when I called they sent him a brand new box not a refurbed.he hasnt had a problem since. Also I bought my 360 on launch day and I have not had 1 single problem. i play mine everynight.

drunkpandas3730d ago

Every replacement Xbox has come from my Best Buy replacement plan. I've gotten new 360's directly from Best Buy every time. Haven't gone through Microsoft for any of them.

fiercescuba3730d ago

I have had my since launch also. Not a problem. My co-editor got his the same night. This is his 8th. I find it hard to believe also, but its true. I play this thing everyday also. Who knows.