Girl Gamers Needn't Be in a League of Their Own

Competition has heated up recently in the gaming world, and the women have found their spot as true competitors alongside the men. How did they do this? GotFrag knows...

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C_SoL3880d ago

to see more girls get into gaming :)

Mr_Kuwabara3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

The League of Extraordinary Ladies..

kira9893879d ago

Game on Girlies.... GAME ON!!!!!!

Relientk773879d ago

a girl who likes to play video games?

sounds cool to me

coolfool3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

It makes sound that all girls in general are getting better at gaming but lets be fair (I don't want to sound sexist because I'm not) most girls are rubbish at gaming. This is not to say that they don't have the potential to be as good or even better than guys but the majority of them aren't.

The article discusses a few girls that have taken the time to become good at games but then generalises that girl gamers across the board are getting better. Which from my personal point of view, is not true. The reason for this is that girls on the whole just don't care. They can be beaten 10-0 and where a guy would say "I will beat you next time" and practice his arse off, a girl really couldn't care either way. From what I have seen, girls don't care so much about winning either (although they obviously prefer it).

The bottom line is girls on the whole aren't as competitive as guys. The girls the article talks about are exceptions and not general representations (for my experience). I would say that girls getting into gaming is getting bigger and bigger every year though. So in the future I think gaming girls will be just as common as gaming guys. I just don't think its the case at the moment.

Good article though, I quite like hearing about these tournaments and how girls are mixing things up a bit!

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