PAIN review: Pain. Like Burnout's crash mode, only you're crashing people

From the article: "Pain. It's a lot like Burnout's crash mode, only instead of crashing cars, you're crashing people. That's right, people. Instead of creating as much damage as possible in an environment by plowing it with vehicles, you fling a ragdoll character using a human-sized slingshot to break stuff. This Teen-rated PlayStation Network download is mom's worst nightmare and definitely not Jack Thompson-approved. With Jackass-inspired gameplay and a twisted sense of humor, it's a fun departure from developer Idol Minds' previous generation kiddy games, My Street and NeoPets. The most significant difference between this PS3 download and those two unplayable PS2 games, however, is that Pain's $10 price tag is worth paying."

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SwiderMan3883d ago

Probably one of the better PS3 games, mainly because it's not another dual stick shooter. Those games are good, but I'm kind of tired of them, and this is something new.

EZCheez3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

I would prefer to go without any more shooters until SSHD2 comes out, which I hope happens.

Pain is definitely worth $10, but I would have paid $15 or $20 right off the bat if it included more maps, players, online play, and customizations.

SwiderMan3882d ago

One level made is worth no more than $10. Hopefully they offer new stages for around $5 and not another $10 since we already have the the game's foundation (modes, etc).