Volition Working on a Secret Project

Dualshock Nexus: It appears that Volition are working on a secret project.

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Letros2138d ago

I'd love to see them make Freespace 3!

palaeomerus2138d ago

I guess it it could be a new Descent game. Imagine a Saint's Row game set in a low gravity asteroid with 3d tunnels going in all directions!


SolidGear32138d ago

Last time I checked they were working on InSane.. The one being written by the director of Pan's Labyrinth.. Due out in 2013.. It was revealed at last years VGA's..

biomajor092138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Being revealed last year is the opposite of secret. Obviously there are working on something else as well. And I would also love to see a Freespace 3.

DW742138d ago

Didn't they say that Freespace 3 would *never* be made, a couple years after they released 2? My memory is foggy on it. Would love to see it. Just don't see games of that scope anymore. A rebirth of the dramatic space-sim? Yes please.

Reviving Colony Wars would also be nice, but I read a bit of an interview some months ago from one of the original devs and he pretty much canned that idea.

ironfist922138d ago

Guerrilla 2?

I can dream....