GTA IV: 3 New Screenshots

IGN has just posted 3 New Screens of the upcoming blockbuster GTA IV.

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iceice1233759d ago

Thanks for holding the 360 version back with your crap hardware sony. Look at these then look at the 360s, 360 is once again superior.

Vip3r3759d ago

So you have proof that the PS3 is the reasons it's delayed? Also until the game is out and proper comparisons are done I'd be quiet if I were you before your fanboy comments come back to slap you on the face.

Violater3759d ago

Ok go do your homework now before your mommy gets home
thnx bye

Slayer OP3759d ago

1. GTA was delayed simply because it was bigger then originally thought and could not be completed in time.

2. your an idiot

cellypower3759d ago

stop with this fanboy crap its getting old.

SRuN43759d ago

you do know that nobody has seen the PS3 version right? so that means these are probably taken from the X360 version. thanks, come again..

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Anything but Cute3759d ago

It's best game now on XBOX 360. Rip PS3.

Just go out of business already and so everyone a favor.

rofldings3759d ago


Best game on 360, yet it's coming out on PS3? Does that mean the PS3 has better games? ;)

Bathyj3759d ago

Typical M$ attitude. Compete with no competition and then claim victory against yourself.

UnblessedSoul3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Cool can't wait for this game

INehalemEXI3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I want to see a lambo reventon look a like and an, apache helicopter look alike in gta IV.

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The story is too old to be commented.