Age of Conan Regional Profiles: Black Ring Citadel - Video and Images

The infamous home of the Black Ring is buried deep beneath an ominous mountain that looms behind Kheshatta, city of magicians. This coven of the darkest sorcerers in all Stygia is led by the Earth's mightiest practitioner of black magic, the all-powerful Thoth-Amon. Its pillared halls adorned with snake idols and the architecture of Set are marvelous to behold. Seeing them leaves one with an inevitable chill, though. How many screams have echoed through these passages? How much hot blood has been spilled upon its altars? What abominations wander the passageways and dungeons? For within the torch-lit halls of the Black Ring foul sorcerers perform hellish conjurations, vile experiments and consort with fiends from the abyss.

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