Singstar PS3 Video: Putting It To The Test

Here a video of the upcoming PS3 exclusive Singstar put through testing. Check it.

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C_SoL3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

o this is sad...hahahahhahahahahahha.... o my god! o my god!.....You've made my day geek....hahahahaha.

I feel bad for the kid, really...

EDIT:Who said i had a problem. I find it real fu<kin funny, ok. Now it seems your the one with the problem.. Ya, I actually can sing better then that for ur information.. U obviously don't know the point of karaoke, do u? It's about having fun & like Misterhon(down below)said,
"Imagine this with some friends and alot of alcohol.. it's funny as hell..!" thats what ur suppose to do....I was never hating on the kid. I'll let him do his thing while i'm sitting back laughing havin a good time...

Loopy3880d ago

You don't like karaoke? Maybe you sing better?
Or maybe you do sing better, but it doesn't give you the right to make fun of other people singing bad.

RonDeMuerte3880d ago

I hope that was sarcasm..........cause that's pretty much the only thing that makes karaoke fun.....

Loopy3880d ago

Well, sorry, I misinterpreted your comments then.
I thought you were making fun of the kid, which would completely sucks.
Yes, karaoke is fun and crazy laugh, especially with alcohol.
For the record, I sing like crap, but it's so much fun to sing. I just wouldn't want anyone to laugh at me or you or anyone else singing bad when intended as a mockery because that's mean. But a friendly laugh is always welcomed. :)

RonDeMuerte3880d ago

Singstar PS3 looks great, and tons of people are gonna have fun with it......hahahaha but did William Hung's european cousin have to try it out in the video??

Misterhon3880d ago

Imagine this with some friends and alot of alcohol.. it's funny as hell..!

Dmack793880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

that the Japanese will eat this up like there's no tomorrow. Karaoke is HUGE over there, and Singstar is sure to be a hit. It does have potential in the States, since its a great party game that may convince thousands of casual gamers to buy a PS3. And the library of music will be a bug attraction as well and its um . . . .multiplayer?

DemiseofPandas3880d ago

Sadly there is no singstar in Japan. I introduced my friends to it while they visited here, they loved it but they only knew a few songs. That's the problem.

The Killer3880d ago

but i think that the point! to be funny and fun!!
no one expects to hear the best voices from normal people!!
i like that guy for he is brave to show his singing!! i really want to buy that game and make singstar parties in the weekend with wine and taqilla maybe vodka with a bunch of my friends but after the exam period!

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The story is too old to be commented.