Harvard Bonin on Starhawk "The Air Supremacy in Warhawk was Overmatched"

GamerFitNation's Blackbible writes "In Warhawk the saying was “He who ruled the Sky ruled the World” but in StarHawk “He who rules the Ground rules the Sky” -BlackBible (Ace Warhawk Pilot)

Let me make this clear I don’t feel that Starhawk and Warhawk should be exactly the same. At the same time I do feel that some aspects of Warhawk should be infused into Starhawk. As you may know two key aspects of Warhawk’s flight mechanic were taken away from StarHawk."

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xtheownerzx2053d ago

I can't wait for Starhawk to come out, its really on my radar! Can't wait for my beta code to be active!

killcycle2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Let me ask you, what do you prefer, an offensive game or a defensive game?

I'm pretty solid at Beat em Ups and action shooters in fact I've been playing Warhawk for years and in my opinion that a game that rewards you for being offensive will always be more enjoyable then a game that is defensive, after all who likes campers?

In Warhawk the Hawks were intolerable for anything on the ground and so if you played defensive and decided to sit around placing mines, camping with the Tank or any Anti-Air weapon you would lose because there's a Hawk Weapon to deal with everything. (Electric for mines and shields, TOW for in door area campers, etc).

In Starhawk (Based on my Beta experience) the entire feel is defensive.

People sit back building turrets, walls, bases and anti-Air turrets. You can have up to 8 (I think it was 8 or maybe 7) buildings per person and the anti-air turrets have an automatic mode. They damage hawks quick and you can't even repair a Hawk unless you have a special weapon which don't appear often, there is no hover mode anymore and among all things Hawks are not free to get into, you can't just die and decide when you spawn to simply "try again".

Overall, the game is nothing like Warhawk, the fun factor is there, but is no way in hell on the same level or even as close as War was. That is of course how i feel about this game.

Nykamari2053d ago

@ kill
You have 35 builds as a team.

HeavenlySnipes2053d ago

Its 32 builds per team actually

M suggestions based on my beta play

+ Rifle should be a little more accurate when burst firing
+ Shouldn't be able to build on enemy BASE camp
+ Bullets shouldn't damage Hawks
+ Should take 3 rockets or grenades to take down a hawk
+ Melee lunge should be reduced
+ Sudden Death time limit increased to 5 minutes
+ Melee indicator removed when near enemy
+ Hawks machine gun fire should be a little more lethal against foot troopers, but overheat faster

Drekken2053d ago

They said very early 2012 we can use our codes.

Omar912053d ago

The beta is fun but I feel like its too different.the mechs are fun but i still feel like they are over powered. the shotgun is also overpowered imo. It has To far of a rang. I'm also disapoonted that the fact that you can't pick up the weapons you needs around the world. You.need to wait until you get enough rift energy to make a supply room. I feel like it takes away from the game. Idk I like the gameplay and all but I feel like it wont match to warhawk

kydrice2053d ago

Your answer is in your first sentence. It's a BETA. Do you not know what a Beta means? Are you also aware that in this day and age games can be fixed and improved with patches? No longer are we stuck with a broken, crappy game after its been released because changes will happen! I know crazy huh? Welcome to the future!

Biggest2053d ago

No way, bro! Didn't you see the BF3 beta hate? It's only going to get worse. Every developer should follow in CoD's footsteps. Beta starts on full retail release.

Omar912053d ago

@ kydrice: i'm very well aware what a beta is thanks. A beta will not change the overall mechanics of the game. Yes some of the things I mention can be changed, but what you see there is pretty much what your gonna get except it'll be a lot more polished in the end. Welcome to reality!

dc12053d ago

Two points:
1 - Weapons are obtained through kills or can be picked up around location drops.
2 - You don’t have to wait to long for power ups. There are multiple barrows that can be shot to obtain energy very fast (I can fill 6 slots (enough for a mech) in about 30 seconds).
I thank the beta is moving along well - Its smooth & intuitively strategic (which is hard to believe.. but true).
Shotguns are a little to strong at this point.. but most of my battles have not been close ranged.

BoNeSaW232052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

The 15 Minute time limit is seriously killing the fun factor in this game for me right now. Being on a constantly changing battlefield like what LB have in mind, you need time to plan a defense AND offense strategy.

I'll spend the entire match building and defending(it's very easy to get caught up building,reclaiming and rerepairing your base the entire match because it is simple and fun) only to watch the game end in a draw because the other team was doing the exact same thing, Or the match is just a fastest to the other teams flag with NO defense and is over in 5-8 min.

I love the concept of Build and Battle but LightBox still has ALOT of balancing to do until release. I'm really curious how this is gonna effect TDM,Zones and DM. Won't everyone just build 6 auto-turrets to rack up kills and drop pod beacons at the zone to respawn in 3 seconds?

It's gonna be interesting to see how LightBox balances this out, but that's why they have Betas right ;)


I say AirCombat FTW! I honestly love air battles in Warhawk, and hope to get that same thrill in StarHawk.

Biggest2053d ago

I agree. I think air supremacy SHOULD be "overmatched" in every game. I was disappointed in the BF3 air combat when it was released. It's better now, but still not the way it should be. Air supremacy should hurt like hell.

BoNeSaW232052d ago

Dude I'm in the Private Beta and right now and the Hawks DO NOT control like in Warhawk. I'm not sure why they couldn't just bring over the EXACT same control and feel as Warhawk with a Starhawk paintjob, but they didn't.

And the grounded Hawk Mech is now nerfed big time and you cannot be on the ground for more than a few seconds before your destroyed. I'm pretty sure they are gonna start balancing the Hawks up more but right now beam turrets and grenades own the Hawks.

Omar912050d ago

Competely agree with you

gamerz2052d ago

Thanks to everyone who played the Beta for your opinions... very interesting!