PS3 To Be Profile 1.1 Compatible Later This month

The digital bits report from home media magazines High-Def 2.0 seminar which was held yesterday had this to report:

"Meanwhile, a Sony rep cited internal research suggesting that over 80% of all PlayStation 3 owners had watched at least one Blu-ray movie on their systems. It was also revealed that the Blu-ray profile 1.1 firmware update for the PS3 is expected to be made available for download later this month."

Profile 1.1 will make the PS3 compatible to a secondary video and audio decoder therefore making it compatible with PiP Commentary, etc.

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Vip3r3942d ago

I though v2.0 included it? So if there is another firmware update this month do you think it will include in-game xmb?

gtgcoolkid3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

this is for blu ray capabilities. there is a strong rumor that with this, we will also be getting Divx and Xvid.

season0073942d ago

because obviously you don't read much about these blu-ray or HD format wars posts :)

and btw i am glad that i got PS3 as my gaming console because its firmware is upgradable and its spec should be able to handle whatever final blu-ray spec will be...

Nodoze3942d ago

If Sony is able to get 1.1 and Divx in this upcoming firmware, it would be a merry Christmas indeed. On top of that if it includes the open home beta as well well it will be a great close out for this year.

I have a feeling it will NOT contain Divx or Home however!

Polluted3942d ago

I think they'll squeeze DivX in the next update since MS already beat them to the punch. They'll want to get that out there ASAP. I can't wait. My PC is old as sh*t and converting files to a compatible format for PS3 takes forever. Streaming files turned out to be harder than I thought with the setup I run.

PS3n3603942d ago

My 360 will do it when it gets shipped back to me from the MS graveyard but the PS3 is so much more quiet I would definately choose it over my 360 for watching video. BTW I am new to the PS3 does it stream video and music from a pc?

Polluted3942d ago

If you have a Windows PC you can just setup media player to work as a media server and use the "search for media" servers option on your PS3. It should pick it up for you. Assuming it's on the same network. There are tutorials online. It's probably easy for Mac users too.
I'm running Linux which complicates matters a little. If you have a thumb drive you can convert files to an MPG format and copy them to your PS3 HD. It's annoying, but it'll do until DivX support comes along.

pwnsause3942d ago

yes it can stream from PC to PS3, the software on the PC has to be DLNA compatible, Nero Media Home and Windows Media Player are dlna compatible. I prefer Nero Media Home since I can trans-encode, but it looks like I dont have to use trans-encoding anymore if sony brings divx to the PS3 this month, I'll be very very happy if we get this.

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xplosneer3942d ago

Pretty cool. Another reason that the PS3 is an awesome Blu Ray player as well as an okay game player(not trying to attack here people). Does this make it the first player to do so on Blu Ray? Nice bonus.

LinuxGuru3942d ago

Ps3 owners, the 360 can only STREAM divx content from an external source, not play it directly from the hard drive like we will be able to do!

Our PS3 will be fully DivX CERTIFIED!

That includes divx for in-game video, too!

The 360 did NOT beat the ps3 to the don't let that fool you.

darthv723942d ago

Technically...isnt streaming considered playing? So you mean to actually say that you can copy video to the ps3 drive directly from another source like a pc drive, cd/dvd disc and external drive and then remove those sources and play the content that you have ripped/copied directly from the internal drive?

Why not just say that?

The 360 can stream/play from any external source it just cant rip/copy the content to its own internal drive. Only music can be done that way.

Polluted3942d ago

@CoeusTitan: Really? Well that kind of ruins it for me then. I was all jealous of 360 owners there for a minute. I assumed that DivX support meant you would be able to copy DivX files to the 360 HD. I still want a 360, but that's a huge letdown. Why even bother implementing it? I've been able to stream DivX files from my girlfriends windows based laptop to my PS3 since firmware 1.92.

whoelse3942d ago

They did tsay the next update will have DivX support so hopefully this update with BD Profile 1.1 will have it and god hope in-game XMB.

But i cant see why not BD Profile 2.0???

xplosneer3942d ago

I don't think there are any 2.0 movies coming for a while anyways...

darthv723942d ago

the second video/audio decoder? Does it come with the fw update? Software based? Did the ps3 have two hw based decoders built in for the future that would bring this great treasure of PIP?

Electricear3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Sony made sure the PS3 could handle 2 video streams during the planning stage as the BD1.1 spec hadn't been finalized at that point, but they knew it was going to be added so planned ahead. According to my recollection of the specs it uses 1 or 2 SPU's for each video stream.

LJWooly3942d ago

As far as I understand, the PS3 has extremely diverse and customisable firmware, along with a few hidden features tucked away that Sony haven't completely followed up yet, but should be including soon (in-game XMB, hopefully). It was part of Sony's plan to make a "future-proof" console.
I'm sure the PIP thing is in there somewhere.

PS3PCFTW3942d ago

darth 72......i see youre not familiar with the ps3.

allow me to explain something:

in my "videos" section of the xmb i have created a 15 second intro for 60-75 music videos and game trailers. by doing this, the ps3 plays about 4-5 of the intros ONSCREEN simultaneously from the 60-75 intros . so with the animated xmb WAVE in the back, AND music file playing you can see the intros playing in the xmb crossbar.

so as far as the ps3 handling 2 video can handle 4 or 5 simultaneously.

the cell is very adaptive and OFTEN OVERLOOKED by everyone. Dont be surprised if in the future through firmware updates, the ps3 aquires eve more capabilities.

Not bad for 1 year old hardware, huh?

prodg523942d ago

I noticed that before, that 4 videos are playing at the same time in the XMB. But I didn't think of it in the way u put it! That's pretty cool that the ps3 can handle doing that

Polluted3942d ago

@PS3PCFTW: I have a bunch of episodes of Family Guy and the Simpsons copied to my PS3 HD (.mpg format). The PS3 automatically creates a 15 second preview of each file and displays it under the video section so you end up with a maximum of...I think 8 video previews running at the same time, all different. It's kinda cool. My PC would start to choke at about two simultaneous video streams I think.

darthv723941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

I get what you are saying. I am so old school I am thinking of PIP the way it is done on TV with two input tuners and being able to control the channels for each individualy.

So the PS3 "PIP" is basically like how a PC can have multiple media players open and each one playing something different. That isnt really new but I guess it is cool. I don't think the 360 would really utilize something like that and for what reason would you really want to watch something else obstruct your viewing of the main material? I am reminded of that big screen TV in the movie Back to the Future 2 where the kid wanted to watch 12 channels at the same time. To much content to have to watch and listen to.

It doesnt really take that much cpu power to display multiple media streams as I can open quicktime, divx, wmp11, zune and realplayer with each one showing something different and lay them all out in the different corners of my screen and listen to the jumbled mix of audio all on a single core P4 3.0.

robep33940d ago

My tv has PIP and i have used it once to show to someone thats all its pure and utter crap!. You watch the movie or watch the how its made
extras on disc it is totally pointless I think HD-DVD added just to have something different from Blu-ray I am not interested in PIP and if the movie makers really thought hard about it neither should they.


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