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Player Banned for 5000 Days from Modern Warfare 3

MP1st - When the team behind Modern Warfare 3 talked up the new banning system, they meant business. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Majin-vegeta  +   983d ago
Lol must suck to be him i don't get the point in cheating if you have to cheat your pathetic and straight out suck at videogames.
Mister_V  +   983d ago
It's over 5000!!!!!
SSKILLZ  +   983d ago
Damn !!!! That's about 13 years and more

5000 divided by 365 days = 13.6986301
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da_2pacalypse  +   983d ago
It took the franchise 4 games before they finally began doing this.... Now lets see them do the same with the older games... Yeah, I doubt it -_-
irepbtown  +   983d ago
Just saying...

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Septic  +   983d ago
Lol a 13 year ban. That poor kid. He'll be 20 years old when the ban is lifted.
dark-hollow  +   983d ago | Funny
Nah its ok!
There will be 15 new cod games before the ban lifts off!!!
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Coffin87  +   983d ago
OMG I lol'd.
killcycle  +   983d ago
LOL Yeah exactly, he'll just have to wait what, 3 months? Till a new cod and he'll be good to go again.
DeadManMcCarthy  +   983d ago
lol so true, and i bet the 15th cod game will still run on the same sh*tty engine.
peowpeow  +   983d ago
^ best agree / disagree ratio I've ever seen on here :P Atleast we all agree on something lol
Nevers  +   982d ago

Sad but true.
Kran  +   983d ago
Think of it as a sign he needs to stop playing CoD.
BlackBusterCritic  +   983d ago
Personally, I think they did him a favor. Now he can cheat in much better games.
vyke3  +   983d ago
How is that a good thing? I would rather have cheaters like him stay in CoD :(
brish  +   983d ago
The article didn't say he cheated.

EA for example bans people because they make comments in forums they don't like.

We really don't know why he was banned.
damnyouretall  +   983d ago
one person on n4g had a great idea. instead of banning them have their guy wear a pink pokedot dress. refer to them and address them as "lil bitches" aw man we have a lil bitch on our team! or hey lil bitch! so on and so on....humiliation would be so much better for cheaters
NoobJobz  +   983d ago
Having your character wear a dress would be punishment? I think you would have people cheating just so they would get caught so they could have the dress. As for people calling them names, couldn't they just mute them. Overall, that doesn't sound like much of a punishment.
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NoobJobz  +   983d ago
Having your character wear a dress would' be punishment? I think you would have people cheating just so they would get caught so they could have the dress. As for people calling them names, couldn't they just mute them. Overall, that doesn't sound like much of a punishment.

Edit: dang it. Double post. Please delete
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damnyouretall  +   983d ago
if you say so man
jeeves86  +   983d ago
When people look at his gamertag, they should be able to see a label that says "CHEATER"
hkgamer  +   983d ago

you are correct, i would buy cod, finally get on xbox live and cheat just to get the dress. would be pretty hilarious.

actually maybe that would be a good idea to get more sales.
princejb134  +   983d ago
lmao really 5000 days
this is a big fuck you from activision dont buy my game ever again
Hanif-876  +   983d ago
Trust me to get banned from playing Call Of Duty is really the best thing that could happen to him. It gives him time to play other FPS which will enlighten him that COD is just pure rubbish.
badz149  +   983d ago
it's not THAT simple
he might just be waiting for the next CoD or go back to BO! afterall, it's still the 2nd most played game on XBL and maybe PSN!
NeloAnjelo  +   983d ago
The good news is that in 365 days or less he'll be able to play the next COD.
csreynolds  +   983d ago
Wow, 14 years? That's quite a punishment! What did he do, beat up Bowling's mother??
TheBeast  +   983d ago
Haha golden, 14 years.
fluffydelusions  +   983d ago
Probably the same age as the guy
SilentNegotiator  +   983d ago
F***ing golden, you mean. Blago will be out of prison before this guy's ban lifts (because we all know he will get out on "good behavior").
enkeixpress  +   983d ago
A little drastic, no? A 1 or 2 month ban would have been more suitable.
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Criminal  +   983d ago
It depends on what he did, but 14 years sounds just about right. ;)
Panthers  +   983d ago
Maybe by that time he will actually be old enough to play M rated games.
dgonza40  +   983d ago
Cheating is cheating bro :p
Getowned  +   983d ago
I don't think any one will be playing MW3 in 14 years lol..but no he cheated it's his own fault.
torchic  +   983d ago
lol you guys have no remorse. if I were a criminal I'd hate to have you in the jury
BlackTar187  +   983d ago
yea well people like you obv. run this country because our criminals run rampant of our system.

Jus saying lol
csreynolds  +   983d ago
If it was a punishment for hacking, a permanent ban is deserved, but I'll be very surprised if people are still playing MW3 in 14 years time. By my reckoning, we'll be playing MW10: Soldiers is Space or something daft!
Fatty  +   983d ago
Awesome. I'd love to see this implemented in every multiplayer game. Hope the person who got nailed with it is one of the numerous 12 year olds on there who wreck matches.
FunAndGun  +   983d ago
This calls for a Nelson HaHa video.
Nelson M  +   983d ago | Funny
Haah Haaah
UnknwnSecret  +   983d ago
Bless you sir...
Criminal  +   983d ago
Sadly, he'll probably get a new account and do the same stuff until he gets caught again. But, this should serve as a warning for others.
PHIBALNATION  +   983d ago
Well if he is on the PS3, yes it's free to just go get another PSN ID. If he is on xbox live, he will have to pay to get a new gamertag, another reason why xbox live is better, and worth paying for.
torchic  +   983d ago
lol really? really man?
silvacrest  +   983d ago
you basically said, xbl is better because you pay...
Fylus  +   983d ago
Yeah, seriously PHIB, just shut up.
neonlight45  +   983d ago
dude you comment fails because you say PSN sucks because you don't have to pay and LIVE rocks because you have to pay.
andibandit  +   983d ago
it's debatable what is better, but one of the few + sides of xbl is that a$$holes have to go through more hassle to come back.
scotchmouth  +   983d ago
I think Phib's point is that if bans are going to be so severe and creating another account costs money then it will act as a deterrent for people creating multiple accounts.

Where as that deterrent doesn't exist on the PSN because there is no charge.

Think of it in terms of trolling a message board that has the basic sign up and one that costs $5 to sign up. The cost wouldn't be worth the LOLs
RustedMan  +   983d ago
where was this ban when Halo 2 came out?
Get rid of the rotten ones for a long time, then people can point and laugh and make an example of them.
I wonder if he was boosting or modding.
Never forget a friend of mine going into the (i think) theater mode or whatever on Black Ops, and seeing the top ranked players shooting stationary people over and over again through each of the first 20 matches.

seriously though, why cheat? what kind of bragging rights do you really have? how can you (in the case of Halo 2 for example) use standby to kick players out and win the match? is it really that fun? or is it just that anonymity with malicious intent the ultimate aphrodisiac for these players?
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laxbeav  +   983d ago
The reason is simple. They have no self esteem and instead of fixing themselves they decide it is easier to just cheat and be annoying. All they have in life is to convince themselves that they are good at something that really doesn't matter at all.
Der_Kommandant  +   983d ago | Funny
Lucky Bastard
guitarded77  +   983d ago
Scrolling through the comments and got to this... made me shoot Coke (soda) out my nose. Bubs++ for funny.
jeeves86  +   983d ago
LOL @ "soda"
Skizelli  +   983d ago
If only they'd ban the players with shitty attitudes, but that's likely 90% of the community. It's rare when I find a lobby that isn't contaminated with douche bags.
MizTv  +   983d ago
good f him hate people like this
Erudito87  +   983d ago
thats crazy if the devs dont pay attention to exploits then its them that should be punished cod has no extensive betas and then they are shocked when these problems occur
13 years 35 weeks and 6 days, if you want that level of precision.

I wonder what the player did to warrant a 5000 day ban. I think that would be excessive for someone who exploited a glitch to level faster, or cussed out another player. He must have hacked the game or something.
rattletop  +   983d ago
don't worry dude. you will get to play a 'NEW' CoD in less than 360 days. lol
scrambles  +   983d ago
Cod mw4 SOAPS back and whats his face the evil dude isnt dead. O NO how did we miss this 1??? Im calling it right now! trey arch's next cod
NeloAnjelo  +   983d ago
LOL. I said the same thing!
LordLaguz  +   983d ago
Reminds me of the monster hunter tri bans, cant remember how much time was it through.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   983d ago
Wow 5k days a lifetime ban. Well the user can creat a new account if he isn't IP banned.
Criminal  +   983d ago
Even if his IP is banned, he can ask his ISP to give him a new IP. But, still this should be a warning for cheaters in general.
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HenryFord  +   983d ago
People... PS3's have an unique identifier, I am almost certain that the console is banned, not the player's PSN account.
solidworm  +   983d ago
He should be banned for owning the game in the first place lol.
torchic  +   983d ago
you guys with one bubble make the funniest comments I swear.
3GenGames  +   983d ago
That's the price to get the truth out there....but it's DAMN worth it!
thespaz  +   983d ago
Can't he get the PS3 version then?

Couldn't he pay for a new XBL account?

Couldn't he buy a new router to force it to give him a new IP? (I've done it... it works).

There's ways around it!
HenryFord  +   983d ago
You obviously didn't try it...
1) He is already playing on PS3
2) Then you would pay twice...
3) IP? They won't ban your IP but your cd-key, so... new game it is for you.
silvacrest  +   983d ago
all of that is to much effort for a very average game
3GenGames  +   983d ago
VERY elow average (Center of the earth low) game that we've bout 5 times before and it was only great the first time.*
Acquiescence  +   983d ago
He's better off waiting for the next Call Of Duty to come out I reckon...
He'll only have to wait 30 days or so.
scrambles  +   983d ago
trying too hard
Burning_Finger  +   983d ago
By the time he's unban he will be 27 and Call of duty modern warfare 17 is out by then.
llMurcielagoll  +   983d ago
Lol 5000 days XD, the guy can just wait another year and play the new CoD, like he is gonna miss anything lol
xtremexx  +   983d ago
hahaha lol, join the Battlefield 3 side O_O
RioKing  +   983d ago
Yeah! And while he's at it, he should grab a sniper rifle and add to the number of campers in the game..
HenryFord  +   983d ago
Obvious Troll is still obvious.
mynameisEvil  +   983d ago
I'd like point out that snipers IRL camp for hours. That's their job. To snipe. You can't SNIPE if you're a bunny hopping moron trying to pull off 360 no-scopes in BF3 (and yes, there's been some).

Lesson of the day: Snipers + Camping = Doing their job. If they're discovered, they relocate. Simple as that.
Relientk77  +   983d ago
He probably just went back to playing Black Ops then lol
SnowBlu  +   983d ago
dozens of years

lucky guy its like making you invulnerable to shit
Bebedora  +   983d ago
So, after 12+ years, he/she will OWN everyone playing it online.

I like the punishment. Not a ban. A punishment. lol.
Fel08  +   983d ago
Now he is probably trolling on MW2 or Black OPS
tigertron  +   983d ago
Well, he can either play an older COD, or just wait until next year's COD.
AnimeAvenger  +   983d ago
Meh, who cares.

The next CoD games will obviously be out in less than 5000 days.
capcock  +   983d ago
Lol don't like the game but this shit is funny as hell!
It will be 10+ new CoDs on the market when he can play mw3 again.
Rahim92  +   983d ago
There will be a PS5 by that time with MW11 so do you think he will give an ants crap about MW3?
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