Xbox Live = Douchebag Repository

NewsPail - Chris Cooper, Dec. 5, 2007:

"Over at Destructoid Jim Sterling wrote up a nice piece asking the question: Is Xbox Live society's mirror or merely a douchebag infested sewer? In the end he argues that Xbox Live is society itself (how that doesn't make XBL a mirror of such is beyond me), and while I agree with much of what he has to say, I think this only scratches the surface of imbecility on Xbox Live."

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Mr_Kuwabara3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

It's incredible how tough people are when there talking to you on a mic but when you see them face to face, there @$$ holes close so tight it's not even visible...

Daxx3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

That is so very true.

Bubbles to you.

PS3PCFTW3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

aha reminds me of high school fighs, toughguys talkin sh1t behind your back........but when they see u they try to give you "dap".

these a$$holes are only on xbox live...... they also roam these boards under various guys know who they are so i wont say any names

Ill give 1k to whoever can find this kind of scum on PSN.

YOU CANT...........

log into xbl and in 1 minute youll find this kind of garbage, Ive been on psn for 1 year and never encountered this.

Hell, EVEN COUNTER STRIKE SOURCE which has been around for ages doesnt have this issue.

@1.3, nice try..........but shes not directing her foul language/harrassing (at) anyone NOR DOES SHE HAVE BLUETOOTH OR ANY SIGNS OF EYETOY ON THE PREMISES youre comparing a instance in where a guy says "u suck, u got lucky" to whole teams gaybashing & racialbashing.....mmmmmmmmok. becus those 3 all fit in the same category./sarcasm

@7.3......ive noticed they stay on the m.o. on psn just like they do on css. the objective being strategizing, or asking for help when an area of whatever game is under pressure by the opposing team.

90% of the time people repeat "my bad" like 5 times when they team kill on psn......its just a more respectful environment in general.

take for instance on this site, theyres simply no way of having a point driven dialogue with 90% xbox supporters here WIthout them resorting to personal attacks. ITS UTTERLy impossible for them to make a valid point or debate an issue in an educated manner.

To the 10% that do show intelligence, i tip my hat off to u. for example post #8.

@1.4: CONSIDER THIS ARTICLE A DOCUMENTARY ON YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS.....i guess you wear the "douchebag" handle with pride, NO?

eLiNeS3734d ago

Oh, don't think your precious PofS3 won't ever have this problem. When you have a headset bundled with every Xbox 360 and 8 million user online, you start to hear more **** over XBL.

Since the PofS3 didn't come with a headset bundled and only a few people online, it's hard to hear anyone. So get a life Dip ****, mother ****** **** sucker. LOL

Sssamba3734d ago

I see you're one of those douchebags this article is referring to. Good job proving PS3PCFTW's point.

Daxx3734d ago

I'm sorry. When people bet money on stuff I'm always up to the opportunity of getting cash.

InMyOpinion3734d ago

PS3 gamers = Übermensch?

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3734d ago

but it`s just a spin off of the INTERNET, which is the TRUE display of what society is/becoming.

power of Green 3734d ago

Another one of these posts.

You're always going to see people with social dissorders acting out in places where they do not have to behave yourselfs. Theres no fear of being targeted as damaged goods online etc vs out in the real world.

XBL is a place with million of people that many wouldn't be around eachother on the street. 13 year old loud mouthed inner city street kids do not talk to racist trailer hill billies out in the real world what do you expect.

razer3734d ago

Everywhere I go on the internet and in society is perfect and everyone respects everybody else. It is only on Xbox Live do these "douchebags" exist.

(rolls eyes)

And way to insult every 360 owner on Live who does respect other gamers. I play with a lot of them and if I start hearing crap they are muted and never played with again. The 360 has some great tools for muting and blocking these aholes, but you have to use them.

Who is this nobody website anyway? I will be sure to send a message to all my fellow douchebag 360 owners(according to this website) to not visit or acknowledge this lame site.

PS3PCFTW3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

YOURE THE PRIME SPECIMEN WHICH THIS ARTICLE DESCRIBES therefore you prove the articles point QUITE WELL. where are the rest of your ignorant-ass xbot friends?

ohhhhh wait, i smell bullsh1t. that must mean theyre on there way in here.

pwnsause3734d ago

yea respectful XBL gamers, ***Plays Halo 3 and listens to this type of respect***

Bowzabub3734d ago

This is going in my PS3 Bookmarks... BUBBLES

InMyOpinion3734d ago

All you others who posted below his comment just proved that N4G is no different lol!

@PS3PCFTW - Kind of hypocritic to bash him for being a disrespectful and then calling him an "ignorant-ass xbot", don't you think?

Sorry, I know you don't think...

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Rice3734d ago

Oh yea, everytime I'm on xbox live, which is vary rarely theres always that one Dumb F*ck who just likes f*cking around with you.

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