Itagaki Sexual Harassment Case Settled, Charges Dismissed


It's been a little over a year since sexual harassment charges were filed against Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki. The Tecmo developer allegedly forcibly kissed a woman after proclaiming his fondness of her and wrapped his arms around her on a number of occasions. When she complained to Tecmo management, the plaintiff said the company asked her to take care of the matter herself, prompting the lawsuit. Today, however, the suit has been settled in the Tokyo District Court and Itagaki found innocent.

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JokesOnYou3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Of course you would say its a bribe, sure because its impossible for the *Tokyo District Court to believe him to be innocent based on the evidence, ha ha you kids act as if you were there.

@ Gamingisfornerds "How can he be declared innocent when they have settled?"

well the last line in the heading actually says that Itagaki was "found innocent". Read it again.

or better yet heres Itagaki's statement, seems pretty clear to me:

"A verdict has been handed out in the sexual harassment case that was brought against me by a former female employee of Tecmo. I have held my head high and have fought the good fight for the past year in order to clear my name and to uphold the reputations of Team NINJA and of Tecmo," said Itagaki to 1UP. "The former employee's arguments were judged to have been false, and all claims that she has brought against me have been dismissed."

It just sounds like you guys hate the man over petty reasons related to videogames, but actually "wishing" for a man to be found guilty of a crime like this just because he insulted some game you like is very stupid=


edit: wow, do you read or is it that you dont comprehend what you read?

there are some clues that tell you there was NO settlement:

I already said that the news as reported says that Itagaki was "found innocent", which means he was "judged" by the court to be innocent.

Itagaki says: "A verdict has been handed out in the sexual harassment case"= a verdict means that the court has decided in favor of one side

the term "settled" here is saying that the matter has reached a conclusion, thats all, NOT the legal term "settlement", a settlement is just that, neither side admits "legal" guilt or innocence, it just means that they have "legally" resolved their dissagreement, usually in the form of a monetary payment, and although usually public opinion would consider a payment by the defense as admitting guilt, its not always the case sometimes people with alot of money just "payoff" the other party because its more costly/troublesome/ to deal with a long legal battle then to end the situation, not to mention a lot of times the case itself is more damaging to a companies public image even if the charges are false.= in this case(no pun intended) Itagaki chose to fight the *allegations and the court *ruled in his favor, why is that so hard to understand?

Gamingisfornerds3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

First of all, I have no agenda against the guy. All I care for personally is that he delivers on NG2.

As for the verdict, why would he settle if he was declared innocent? If you're declared innocent, you're a free man! No need for no settlement, it would seem to me?!

Gamingisfornerds3882d ago

First of all, you need to relax and stop acting like such a jerk. Just a piece of advice for you there.

Secondly, yes I got confused between the terms "settled" and "settlement". I thought they both indicated the same thing, hence my confusion.

And lastly, not everyone's native language here is English. So I might misread a few things here and there. That's why I asked and all you have to do is respond in a decent manner. No need to be an idiot about it. Either way, welcome on my ignore list because my time is not worth wasting on jerks like yourself.

Gamingisfornerds3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Doesn't make sense to me?!

They probably meant to say: "Free of charge".

Vlaitor3883d ago

This ugly dude sure is disturbing. With the DOA series and Ninja Gaiden it's not hard to think that this nerd is a sexual pervert.

DarkSniper3883d ago

Tomonobu Itagaki fits the exact image of what the XBOX potrays. Violent, crude, disrespectful and misleading. These same verbs can be used to describe the Microsoft corporation and what they stand for.

Mr. Itagaki's track record gives viable proof that his interest in women fall along the paths of the perverted. Circa 1996, Dead or Alive was released in the arcades. The main theme of the game and series is focused around young teenage women who have ultra realistic bouncing in the chest area.

These allegations show that Mr. Itagaki is indeed a sexual predator and he needs to be punished accordingly.


power of Green 3883d ago

I was wondering why there were so many PS3 fanboys in here.

Thanks for saying what all the other PS3 fanboys were beating around the bush trying to imply.

I might be angry too if TI launched a game on my console then made the sequel exclusive to another console.

Vlaitor3883d ago

What he says is pretty true. Microsoft is far to be a gentle company and the language on XboxLive is pretty rought.

I think you are just pissed off because Itagaki makes great game but he is a douche.

DarkSniper3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

power of Green,

Darksniper has never mentioned anything of the sort in regards to Sony and PLAYSTATION 3©.

This subject is pertained to a sexual predator who uses his social status as a game developer to prey on young, innocent japanese women. It's very possible that the women you see on Dead or Alive are developed after young women he's had relations with in the past.

Tomonobu Itagaki's actions are considered to be uncouth, perverted and downright disgusting to the general public. Once again, Darksniper feels that he should be punished with the maximum sentence because of it.


hac-hunter3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

That dude looks kinda creepy and demented in that picture. He looks like the type of guy that would probably never get laid unless he had tons of money like he does now. The weird, kinda solitary, just a bit creepy looking nerd that every high school had. Almost dangerous looking. He does kinda look like a demented violent sexual pervert.

Marceles3883d ago

he's like a fake takashi miike

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