Forza Motorsport 2 - Exclusive December Car Pack Trailer

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming download pack with 11 new rides and a track.

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Blademask3819d ago

But I prefer the older Audi's and Mercedes..

And the Gallarado is a joke.

Is that the F40 or the F50?

C_SoL3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )


That car is a beast...Do they use those in the Grand American Rolex Series? That car looks simliar to the cars in that series....
But who knows? Hopefully it makes it to GT5 but I also want to see those Koenigsegg cars in GT5...

Blademask3819d ago

nice addition.

Im glad the niche cars are making it in. I'm hopping Ultima GTR makes it into Gran Turismo.

green3819d ago

.Ferrari only made 25 of the FXX and they were all sold b4 anyone new anything about it.So i doubt its the same one used in the Rolex series.They should be extremely close but i might be wrong.

Would like to tune up the AUDI QUATTRO

C_SoL3819d ago

I'm talking about the Ultima GTR.....

Voice of Reason3818d ago

28 were made for customers, one belongs to Ferrari itself and a specially themed one was given to Michael Schumacher when he retired last season.

It looks like a seriously good pack. I'm delighted the BMW M3 E30 is in there, that's one of my favourite cars of all time.

Malaka3818d ago

LOL... some that Gran Turismo will never have. A good selection of cars. Where is ferrari, porsche, koenigsegg? a massive ammount of tunning options? realistic physics? Oh yer GT is all graphics.


hac-hunter3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Correction, GT5 will have cars from Ferrari.
You're right, "Porsches" are not in GT, but GT 3 and GT 4 had cars from RUF (if you know what RUF is, then you'll know what I'm talking about)
and if I recall correctly, GT 3 and GT 4 also have cars from BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.
I don't recall seeing the Audi R8 in Forza 2.
Don't forget the new Nissan GT-R, also not in Forza2.
Whether or not koenigsegg will be in GT5 remains to be seen.
GT will always have the wider selection of cars, and better graphics. Forza will always have better online, and better car customization.
Physics is still debatable. I've played both forza2, and GT5 Prologue demo, and I'd say that they're pretty even on physics.

greenenvy3818d ago

also great news for next year, lost odyssey has been released in Japan and goes on sale tomorrow.....and it looks great!!!!

first 20 minutes already own most games I've seen, love how they did it on an epic battlefield and then he slowly leaves the battlefield for the rest of the war....seth balmore rocks!!!

and then it looks like CRY ON: E STORY is the next RPG to come, Sakaguchi's masters are supposed to have a demo of the game out on december 31 in japan....

man that games looks awesome, can't wait for CRY ON & culdcept saga to release in north america next year......damn, next year's going to be really crowded with all the action games & RPGs coming out!!!!!

bring it on SAYAME!!!!!!! :-D

BIGBAER3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

I've been to Road America many times; it's one of my favorite tracks. I loved it in Forza 1 and was disappointed not to find it in Forza 2. I'm glad to see it finally make it, even as a download.

The Ferarri FXX is most certainly a beast of a car. I've just unlocked it in PGR4. It will be a fantastic addition to Forza's awesome stable of performance cars.

We hear about the 900+ cars of the final version of GT5 but what many don't realize is that Forza 2, with its 300+ BASE performance cars actually offers thousands upon thousands of variations due to Forza's vigorous tuning options.

Start with a base Volkswagon Beetle and work through all the performance parts options, engine swaps and body parts and you can easily end with dozens of distinct handling and performing cars.

Even a simple exhaust upgrade results in a noticeable performance increase--and one that is reflected in Forza's unmatched physics engine.

In reality... yes, in reality, Forza has many more cars than GT5. I know it's a reality that many will not be able to grasp willingly but it's a reality none the less. Forza's performance modifications and sophisticated tuning options are second to none; they allow the user-built creation of literally thousands of real world car variations.

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