The Last Of Us is ‘not a zombie game’ – Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog explain how The Last Of Us is a love story, not a zombie game – and insist that they’re not even going for horror...

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TrevorPhillips2380d ago

I want this game!

Naughty Dog are by far my favourite game company! :D

buddymagoo2380d ago

How can people disagree, they are the most acclaimed studio in recent years. Again with the Sony hate??

Bloodraid2380d ago Show
Dlacy13g2380d ago

@buddymangoo... I don't think that is Sony hate, I just think that is other people saying they have other developers that are their favorite over Naughty Dog. Bioware comes to mind for me.

AntoineDcoolette2380d ago

If Jesus said it, then I believe it.

_Aarix_2380d ago

Don't be quick to assume Sony hate especially when 95% of it are Sony fans.

Biggest2380d ago

What does that even mean, _Aarix_?

_Aarix_2380d ago

I meant 95% of people here love Sony and naughty dog. Here, on N4g. I meant dont assume the disagrees from naughty dog are because they hate the studio..thats all

sikbeta2380d ago

Game will be awesome, people who whine about "teh zombiez" is the same that pay 10 bucks to get teh zombiez in their CODs, lol stop b***ing for a moment...

crxss2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@_Aarix_ "I meant dont assume the disagrees from naughty dog are because they hate the studio" ND hates themselves? lol you're 0-2 man and you're out of bubbles.

anyways I guess they're not technically "zombies"... but if you make them act like em and look like them then people are going to call them zombies rather than "pollen infected people".

SSKILLZ2380d ago

It's the 12 year old Xbox cod players bro

Veneno2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@ crXss

You are totally right. they're zombies. It's a cop-out that many filmakers and game-makers use as an excuse to kill humans. we feel bad about killing normal humans, but we don't feel bad about killing infected humans that don't look human at all.

Very few works of fiction are bold enough to get gritty and tell a real story of man vs. man. Fist of the Northstar and the recent film "The Road" come to mind and are similar to Last of US in its post-apocalyptic survival concept.

But then again, this is Naughty Dog, masters of games and story-telling. I'm really hype for this game but not gonna lie, I think they are too scared to get real dark and gritty and go to those dark places of humanity that we are really scared of. Heavy Rain I feel made a great effort into this darker place. ND can really learn from Quantic Dream in this area.

rezzah2380d ago

Sony hate or not it is their opinions, no matter how dumb it may seem to you.

Kurt Russell2380d ago

I disagreed because they're not my favourite. They're great - but I have another favourite. That's how I can disagree.

Ares84HU2379d ago

When an artist has to explain their work, there is something wrong.

I am a big ND fan ever since the first Crash Bandicoot. ND is known to make colorful fun and happy games. This new game is so not their style, it's like Polyphony Digital started making a fighting game. From the trailer they showed it looks to be a survival horror game and reminds me of I Am Legend. In all honesty I'm really not happy with this game and I'm suure that this game is the reason behind Uncharted 3's short lenght. I just hope that after this ND will return to what they are known for. There are enough depressed monster games out there. This is not what I expected from them and it is not in a direction I would like them to go.

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-Superman-2380d ago

Well those are not zombies.
Those are Infected. Infected can infect human, can kill it and runs fast. Smart.

Zombies are very slow, they cant infect human, very stupid and moves masses. So this game seems to be more like 28 days later and i am legend, than some dead rising game.

Infected >>> Zombies

Glad ND makes Story game.

Dlacy13g2380d ago

@Superman... Ummm, there are different takes on Zombies out there. Not all consider them slow moving for the record. Have you not played Left 4 Dead? Those zombies are fast as hell. Also, zombie lore as it stands is that yes... if you get bit by a zombie, the infection will eventually kill you and take over your body turning you into a zombie. It's how the zombie plaque spreads...its highly infectious.

irepbtown2380d ago

Definition of Zombie;

A soulless corpse.


The colonization of a host organism by parasite species.

Brownghost2380d ago

There kinda the same, They both move fast, They infect people, There both mindless. The trailer made them look like mindless animals and most movies and games give them the ability to infect people

creatchee2380d ago

Are people really arguing about the difference between zombies and infected?

Here's a scenario:

It's the end of the world and you and your friend (let's call him Clay) are scavenging for supplies at a long-abandoned hardware store. As you exit the store with armfuls of lumber and household supplies, a group of fast-moving and somewhat humanoid creatures approach from the parking lot.

You: "OMG Clay run! Zombies!"

Clay: (Looks at incoming horde) "There not zombies, they're infected!"

You: "What the hell is the difference?"

Clay: "Well you see a zomb-"

Aaaaaaaaaand you're both overwhelmed and/or eaten alive.

tl;dr who gives a crap?

-Alpha2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

It really doesn't matter what you think they are (I absolutely define them as zombies)

What Naughty Dog is trying to get away from is the connotation of what a zombie game implies. We associate zombies and zombie scenarios a very certain way, and Naughty Dog isn't going for that kind of "zombie game"

It is a game in which there are "zombies", but that does not mean Naughty Dog is limiting themselves to what is already commonly associated with zombie games.

This is also what people mean when they say "It's just another zombie game". They are assuming that the game revolves around the generic "run from zombies, shoot them" mentality, but ND makes it clear that the focus is entirely different

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-Superman-2380d ago

Zombies = Slow, stupid and cant infect humans.

Infected = Runs fast, can infect human, smarter than zombie(like in trailer).

Vampires = Needs blood, kills humans, CAN infect humans, movement speed can be fast too.

Mutants = Ye, like flower head, but also Mutants has powers. There are no mutants, without any powers. Like Xmens are called mutants.

Ducky2380d ago

I don't know man... the zombies in Thriller could do choreographed dancing. That's a sign of intelligence.

... they had some quick moves as well.

YoungKingDoran2380d ago

why dont zombies eat each other

Silver_Faux2380d ago

Maybe if zombies and vampires were real mate your argument would hold up, otherwise theyre all open to interpretation. Just look at twilight, i never knew vampires could be soft cocks but hey there it is.

cjflora2380d ago

I can see your arguement, except for the can't infect humans part. I don't know that I've ever run into zombie lores where the zombies can't infect humans.

Read the Zombie Survival Guide. It's a good book, and sets "rules" on what qualifies as a "classic" zombie. The book mentions that zombies are slow and stupid, which is cool that it sets those rules, but as nvm1987 points out it's all fake and open to vary.

In my mind a zombie's and "infected" are the same thing, just different takes on them.

I just read The Strain, which is about vampires, but unlike any vampire I've come across before. These things have parasitic worms in them, and have stingers that shoot out of their mouth to suck the blood of their victims. As long as you have the basic concepts there, a vampire, zombie, werewolf or any other creature lore can vary.

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Spitfire_Riggz2380d ago

A love story? heh. So much for a good horror game

jessupj2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

My thought exactly.

I said to myself, "Finally!!! another zombie horror game, but it's actully going to be done right and will be super awesome because it's done by ND."

And now I read "Not a zombie horror game, is a love story instead..... I'm very disappointed.

I don't want another Uncharted with a different story, I want a completely new game with new gameplay and new concepts.

A horror game by ND would have been epic

Shang-Long2380d ago

Insisting that “we’re not going for horror,” Druckmann said the game is instead a sort of love story – “not a romantic love story,” but “a love story about a father-daughter-like relationship.”

Don't be quick to judge. They aren't going for horror, doesn't mean it won't be

StraightPath2380d ago

Wonder what kind of game it is. Survival horror? Or uncharted type of game linear and scripted but with a mature focus?

Some familiarity with Left for dead and dead island but ultimately those two games are over the top and just aim for pure fun.

This could be another cinematic experience from naughty dog. Cant wait.

Ashby_JC2380d ago

Id be interested in a Co Op type od survaval game with the same level of look and feel of Uncharted.

Lots of playable characters. That can die and effect the outcome etc. Some open world elements.

Based on the trailer It screams survival the dudes or infected looked pretty SCARY and they looked to e trying to survive.

andibandit2380d ago

what you mean what kind of game it is?
they already said "A love story".
think "beauty and the beast".

showtimefolks2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I am fine either way here is my thing:

people act like we have had too many zombie games but you go ahead and name me a zombie game which was a 95/100 all of them are good not great. I am glad that ND are saying its not another zombie game but if ND do a zombie game they will do it right.

dead rising is good at best
dead island while fun is a mid 7
and what else? download able titles? COD zombie modes?

go ahead and name a AAA zombie game where the story actually made sense? the best zombie game is LFD and that doesn't even have a story.

ND are the best developers in gaming today #1 every other developer is after them and yes that makes me sound like a ND fanboy but they have yet to disappoint us their games and who knows their 2nd studio could be hard to work on JAK4 i wish


i agree i think we just need to give it more time, we still don't know most of the stuff about this game. There are too many unknowns. This is a rated M game if i am not wrong so expect something stellar from ND.

yeh i know LFD has a story but its not told as traditional stories with cutscenes and stuff. but right now LFD is the best zombie game in the market. RDR undead is good but the repetition kind of made it dull after a while. but the ending was awesome

Ducky2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

L4D has a story.
As for an AAA zombie game, there's RedDeadRedemption's zombie DLC.
That's about it.

... but I think the main reason people are going 'ugh' is because zombies are something that have appeared a lot. The setting feels kind of stale to some.

It'd be the same feeling if ND was making a military shooter. Sure, the game could turn out great... but the initial reaction is 'why not pick something more creative'.

Personally, I'm liking their direction since I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic settings, but I can understand why some people don't share the same enthusiasm.
Perhaps some opinions will change when more details/footage is released.

Ashby_JC2380d ago

Im a huge zombie fan and ALSO a HUGE end of the world scenario fan.

I welcome I full big budget game with these elements.

I agree that the zombie themed games we have had were GOOD...but not great. and good
Dead Island .. Fun and fair/good

I welcome a serious take on the end of world theme this trailer seems to be going for. As for them saying they are NOT zombies..ok cool.

BUT they sure as hell didnt look to be regular humans.

I call BS on them saying its not HORROR. Ummmm then why have a trailer that spews scares. That thing they shot sure look like something from a horror movie to me. And they were SCARED shitless hiding behind that wall!!!

Devinchi332380d ago

Resident Evil 4 says hi,

But I do get what you mean. We'll just have to wait and see.

humbleopinion2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Dude, 4 of the top gaming franchises at least include some kind of take on zombies:
- The headcrabs/zombies in Half Life
- The flood in Halo (which when thinking about it, is basically a zombie apocalypse game in galaxial proportions)
- The necromorphs in Dead Space
- All the creatures in the Resident Evil series (and at least some of these are AAA games)

And then there's L4D, Dead Rising, RDR undead nightmare. You could even play a zombie in Stubbs the zombie... This is probably the most crowded genre after the modern-shooter nowadays

Edit: and recently, also the Draugr in Skyrim, which are based on the Norse myth:

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TVippy2379d ago

Nice and important piece of info from this site. A first!

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DigitalAnalog2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

REALLY? How interesting? Cordyceps mutated enemies discovered to be not.... zombies? I mean, who would've thought?

**Winces at the "Look it's just another zombie" user comments.....

kneon2380d ago

Even if they were Zombies in the traditional sense I think the point ND is trying to make is that they are not the focus of the game.

A-Glorious-Dawn2380d ago

I'm glad someone pointed that out

Campy da Camper2380d ago

Very good point. I envision a game with infected but not making the whole game sprinting from point a to b. I see a little action but more depth in suvival and hiding in the shadows with some puzzle action perhaps.

Parapraxis2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Agreed DigitalAnalog, I've been saying that all along.
It's not zombies.

Many people made that argument that if anything comes at you mindlessly in a game, they are to be considered zombies, even if they weren't traditional zombies they are still "zombies" just another type.
If that were the case playing games like Call of Duty on easy would make it a zombie game, playing Batman AC on easy would make it a zombie game, etc tec.

cool video

kaveti66162380d ago

I disagree.

I still think they're zombies.

I don't care how they came to be the way they are. Just like in Dead Space, people will say, "those aren't zombies, they're reanimated by an extraterrestrial life form." And the same thing for the Flood in Halo games. They're still zombies.

A human being infected by a fungal spore, who runs at you mindlessly with the intent of killing you and/or eating you is a zombie. Deal with it.

cjflora2380d ago

I find these newer "infected" type zombies much scarier than "classic" zombies because they have a more grounded reason for them existing. It makes it more realistic. I think of mindless, "just came from nowhere" zombies can be frightening, but a zombie who is created because of a strain of virus or even plant is scarier to me because it sounds like something that could happen in real life.

CoLD FiRE2380d ago

@kaveti6616 Except in Halo there's the Gravemind so they're not exactly "mindless".

smashcrashbash2380d ago

They have a point.If it was simply a horror game wouldn't it have been better to not show the monsters at all and just tease them? They could have easily just show people running and hiding while the monsters screech and stomp around where you couldn't see them. The monsters are probably not the main point of the game

Series_IIa2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Ironically you've just described the thriller genre...

Dlacy13g2380d ago

I think there attempt to differentiate this game kinda falls on def ears for me. This game most certainly is going to focus on the infected and how they survive. Cutscenes may take on more of the "love relationship they described" but don't be fooled...this game will be about killing infected, escaping from the infected and solving puzzles to survive/escape/cure the infected. A game just about a love relationship between a father and daughter would sell next to nothing. A game about a love relationship between a father and daughter trying to survive in a world ravaged by a crazy infection that turns people against (aka I am Legend) could sell tons...because of the conflict the infection presents and not their love story.

sjaakiejj2380d ago

If you've ever seen "The Road", you'll know how to think about this game. It's not really going to focus on the infected. Sure, you might have to kill them once in a while, but the majority of the game is going to be about survival.

KonaBro2380d ago

call them zombies. More so mutated humans driven purely by the basest of human instincts. Like the infected in 28 Days Later, I believe that's the kind of enemies we will be dealing with here, not your typical shuffling zombie.

admiralthrawn872380d ago

zombies still. quit giving naughty dog the benefit of the doubt just for being naughty dog. those are zombies. whether they are the sprinting zombies or the slow walking zombies. they are zombies.

Games4M - Rob2380d ago

What defines then as zombies rather than monsters or mutants ?

Answer - you dont know, so stop acting like you know better than they guys who are developing the game.

admiralthrawn872380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@Games4M they can call them whatever they want in the fiction. The characteristics they show in the trailer are in line with every other zombie stereotype. Sure i can make a "zombie" movie but call them flesh eaters from another planet, they'll still classify as zombies.

@below still ignoring the fact that its more about characteristics. It doesn't matter what put them in the state they are in, the fact remains they act like zombies.

This is N4G so an enormous amount of phantom disagrees is expected. You just look over that.

peeps2380d ago

" They are typically depicted as mindless, reanimated corpses with a hunger for human flesh"

This is the point some are trying to get across.. a zombie is a reanimated corpse but the 'monsters' in last of us are infected from this fungus virus.

Nitrowolf22380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Honestly I say we wait a little bit more.
People keep saying they are zombies and such from that trailer.

I'll agree with some of that, but there's a lot more to be seen really.

My theory is that these are actually a well organized and strategic new breed of whatever. The characters were both on the 4th floor of the apartment buildings, if the other two so called zombies went to eat the dead guy in the room(we don't even see that) then I don't think the two characters would have escaped if they only had 2 bullets left in their gun, which they used on the first floor halfway,meaning the other two things had to be somewhere else when the first one dies and not in the room next to them.

IDK that's just my take on the trailer. I'm thinking these guys don't infect others based on biting or simply touch, even though the thing did try to bite the guy, it could have simply gone in to kill them.

If we know anything about cordyceps it's that they'll take a hold of the body of a species and use it until it is dead.

So zombies are undead creatures, meaning they were living once, but now they are dead and somehow moving.

These guys are living creatures, but will ultimately die out by over use of the body.

that's my theory, which honestly doesn't make them zombies then.

I disagreed with you btw on the fact that you think it's because they are ND that they get the slide. people have defended whether other games have zombies or not such as Silent Hill and even to the extent of claiming that resident Evil zombies should no longer be considered zombies.

I am curious by what characteristics you speak of to. They run like zombies? They run like any other crazy animal with two legs in any game (dead space?). Tried to bite the guy? So do nercomancers in Dead Space, and I'm not100% sure cause I haven't played the game to much but bites don't get you infected.

They seem to rely soley on instinct as well considering that one had no eyes at all so it had to go based off the guy sound, which he made when he was reloading the gun.

I Am Legend monsters weren't really zombies even though they ate people and would even try to infect others. They displayed emotions, thoughts, organizations, typical stuff you would see in our human civilization. They were originally meant to be full vampires though. Like I said I would wait and see before claiming they are zombies.

Though Zombies have been evolving from your original ones. The slow, mindless, and typical zombies just aren't that scary anymore. Film makers and video game developers have all decided that it was time to amp up what a zombie does making them more faster and smart.

Honestly they are beginning to show more characteristics of a vampire rather than a zombie. Have their skin burn in sunlight and we have ourselves a vampire then.

radphil2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

"Sure i can make a "zombie" movie but call them flesh eaters from another planet, they'll still classify as zombies. "

So aliens that eat flesh would be considered zombies? When the hell did this happen?

On topic though for all we know, it could be a mutation. People relate zombies to undead & flesh eating, yet the term is so broad that it resorts to "mindless being".

However people nearly always put that synonymous with undead.

Parapraxis2380d ago

@admiralthrawn87 ZOMBIES ARE DEAD.

"@below still ignoring the fact that its more about characteristics. It doesn't matter what put them in the state they are in, the fact remains they act like zombies. "

So the trolls in Skyrim are ZOMBIES by your standards.
They move slowly and are dumb, thus they are zombies??? What a simple line of thought you have.

Biggest2380d ago

Maybe admiralthrawn87 is on to something! Now that he mentioned it, I always thought that Goombas were zombie-like. There is no disputing that the Bad Dudes, Billy and Jimmy Lee, and Haggar were fighting zombies. Anyone remember that awesome game with the dragons and knee arrows? Everyone was a zombie. I get it now!

SnotyTheRocket2380d ago

but, they're Naughty Dog....

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pr0digyZA2380d ago

I think what they are getting at, is that to naughty dog the core of the experience revolves around the love that these two characters have for one another. And how this new world puts them into various situations. The infected are therefore secondary to the core characters. So to them it is not a zombie game (meaning it's not all about the infected).

wildcat2380d ago

*ding ding ding!

We have a winnah, folks, we have a winnah! Step right up!

well said

Christopher2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@pr0digyZA: Actually, that's exactly the same thing zombie movies do as well. The whole point of the zombie genre is to take away everything but a few people and focus on how they handle the situation and each other when faced with pending doom. Some make the experience a more action-oriented one, but they still focus on the people and their actions with each other.

wildcat2380d ago


I take their statement as wanting to say don't just expect a post-apocalyptic "zombie" game. Sure, movies have taught us what to expect from anything with zombies in them, but it's safe to expect a videogame to offer a new take on the medium, seeing as their focus is not strictly "zombie-killing."

Christopher2380d ago

@wildcat: Yeah, my point wasn't to say "because that also defines zombie movies, Naughty Dog's game must also be a zombie movie." Just wanted to point out that they at least share the same concept as he was explaining how they differ.

SweatyFlorida2380d ago

@cgoodno I don't think that's gonna be the case with The Last of Us. Typical zombie games are about finding a cure, or they all set out for a refuge or a safe place. Of course you have to have a storyrevolve around the main characters, but the focus is escaping or finding a cure.

TLOU seems to be more about just surviving day to day, they've been doing this for years, chance are they have no intent of finding a cure, or even escaping. It's more like "I am Legend", where Will Smith is just surviving day to day. Meaning it's not just another zombie game.

Christopher2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

***It's more like "I am Legend", where Will Smith is just surviving day to day. Meaning it's not just another zombie game.***

Bit of a nitpick, but both in all of the movies and in the original story by Matheson, Robert Neville, the protagonist, is working on finding a cure. Also, I Am Legend didn't use zombies, the creatures, but more vampire-like and intelligent creatures, but it's still categorized under the "zombie" genre because it forces survivors in a world overrun with similar creatures.

Also, most "zombie" movies aren't about the infected either. They're about the people. The infected are just a catalyst to their human reactions and interactions.

Most "zombie" movies also aren't about a "cure" unless you're talking about the Resident Evil movies. Most "of the Living Dead" movies are about finding a place to live safely away from the zombies. Even the original, Night of the Living Dead, purposefully ended much like a short lived psychological test of sorts without any mention of a "cure" being attempted.

Again, I'm not saying this is a zombie game, but much like the mass majority of zombie media, even The Walking Dead (graphic novel and TV series), the focus is almost always on the people and how they handle and react to the zombies and with one another in a world where they never feel safe. Who will turn on who? How far will you go to save someone? How do you handle the loss of someone, especially when that loss means so much more now? And so on.

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Somebody2380d ago

Left 4 Dead :

There are zombies that spit goo at you. Zombies who climb walls and jump at you from far away. Huge zombies that can smash through walls and stampede at people. Female zombies who cry a lot. Zombies who jump onto your back and ride you around.

These are not your typical shuffling zombies and but zombies nonetheless.

Christopher2380d ago

Just to note, 28 Days Later is in the genre of zombie movies. Zombies, as far as a genre, aren't defined by the need to die and then come back to life or anything else specific to Night of the Living Dead. Kind of like how necromorphs in Dead Space aren't zombies, but the game is in the zombie genre.

For example, The Last of Us is supposedly a