The Last Of Us is ‘not a zombie game’ – Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog explain how The Last Of Us is a love story, not a zombie game – and insist that they’re not even going for horror...

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TrevorPhillips2080d ago

I want this game!

Naughty Dog are by far my favourite game company! :D

buddymagoo2080d ago

How can people disagree, they are the most acclaimed studio in recent years. Again with the Sony hate??

Bloodraid2080d ago Show
Dlacy13g2080d ago

@buddymangoo... I don't think that is Sony hate, I just think that is other people saying they have other developers that are their favorite over Naughty Dog. Bioware comes to mind for me.

AntoineDcoolette2080d ago

If Jesus said it, then I believe it.

_Aarix_2080d ago

Don't be quick to assume Sony hate especially when 95% of it are Sony fans.

Biggest2080d ago

What does that even mean, _Aarix_?

_Aarix_2080d ago

I meant 95% of people here love Sony and naughty dog. Here, on N4g. I meant dont assume the disagrees from naughty dog are because they hate the studio..thats all

sikbeta2080d ago

Game will be awesome, people who whine about "teh zombiez" is the same that pay 10 bucks to get teh zombiez in their CODs, lol stop b***ing for a moment...

crxss2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

@_Aarix_ "I meant dont assume the disagrees from naughty dog are because they hate the studio" ND hates themselves? lol you're 0-2 man and you're out of bubbles.

anyways I guess they're not technically "zombies"... but if you make them act like em and look like them then people are going to call them zombies rather than "pollen infected people".

SSKILLZ2080d ago

It's the 12 year old Xbox cod players bro

Veneno2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

@ crXss

You are totally right. they're zombies. It's a cop-out that many filmakers and game-makers use as an excuse to kill humans. we feel bad about killing normal humans, but we don't feel bad about killing infected humans that don't look human at all.

Very few works of fiction are bold enough to get gritty and tell a real story of man vs. man. Fist of the Northstar and the recent film "The Road" come to mind and are similar to Last of US in its post-apocalyptic survival concept.

But then again, this is Naughty Dog, masters of games and story-telling. I'm really hype for this game but not gonna lie, I think they are too scared to get real dark and gritty and go to those dark places of humanity that we are really scared of. Heavy Rain I feel made a great effort into this darker place. ND can really learn from Quantic Dream in this area.

rezzah2079d ago

Sony hate or not it is their opinions, no matter how dumb it may seem to you.

Kurt Russell2079d ago

I disagreed because they're not my favourite. They're great - but I have another favourite. That's how I can disagree.

Ares84HU2079d ago

When an artist has to explain their work, there is something wrong.

I am a big ND fan ever since the first Crash Bandicoot. ND is known to make colorful fun and happy games. This new game is so not their style, it's like Polyphony Digital started making a fighting game. From the trailer they showed it looks to be a survival horror game and reminds me of I Am Legend. In all honesty I'm really not happy with this game and I'm suure that this game is the reason behind Uncharted 3's short lenght. I just hope that after this ND will return to what they are known for. There are enough depressed monster games out there. This is not what I expected from them and it is not in a direction I would like them to go.

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-Superman-2080d ago

Well those are not zombies.
Those are Infected. Infected can infect human, can kill it and runs fast. Smart.

Zombies are very slow, they cant infect human, very stupid and moves masses. So this game seems to be more like 28 days later and i am legend, than some dead rising game.

Infected >>> Zombies

Glad ND makes Story game.

Dlacy13g2080d ago

@Superman... Ummm, there are different takes on Zombies out there. Not all consider them slow moving for the record. Have you not played Left 4 Dead? Those zombies are fast as hell. Also, zombie lore as it stands is that yes... if you get bit by a zombie, the infection will eventually kill you and take over your body turning you into a zombie. It's how the zombie plaque spreads...its highly infectious.

irepbtown2080d ago

Definition of Zombie;

A soulless corpse.


The colonization of a host organism by parasite species.

Brownghost2080d ago

There kinda the same, They both move fast, They infect people, There both mindless. The trailer made them look like mindless animals and most movies and games give them the ability to infect people

creatchee2079d ago

Are people really arguing about the difference between zombies and infected?

Here's a scenario:

It's the end of the world and you and your friend (let's call him Clay) are scavenging for supplies at a long-abandoned hardware store. As you exit the store with armfuls of lumber and household supplies, a group of fast-moving and somewhat humanoid creatures approach from the parking lot.

You: "OMG Clay run! Zombies!"

Clay: (Looks at incoming horde) "There not zombies, they're infected!"

You: "What the hell is the difference?"

Clay: "Well you see a zomb-"

Aaaaaaaaaand you're both overwhelmed and/or eaten alive.

tl;dr who gives a crap?

-Alpha2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

It really doesn't matter what you think they are (I absolutely define them as zombies)

What Naughty Dog is trying to get away from is the connotation of what a zombie game implies. We associate zombies and zombie scenarios a very certain way, and Naughty Dog isn't going for that kind of "zombie game"

It is a game in which there are "zombies", but that does not mean Naughty Dog is limiting themselves to what is already commonly associated with zombie games.

This is also what people mean when they say "It's just another zombie game". They are assuming that the game revolves around the generic "run from zombies, shoot them" mentality, but ND makes it clear that the focus is entirely different

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-Superman-2080d ago

Zombies = Slow, stupid and cant infect humans.

Infected = Runs fast, can infect human, smarter than zombie(like in trailer).

Vampires = Needs blood, kills humans, CAN infect humans, movement speed can be fast too.

Mutants = Ye, like flower head, but also Mutants has powers. There are no mutants, without any powers. Like Xmens are called mutants.

Ducky2080d ago

I don't know man... the zombies in Thriller could do choreographed dancing. That's a sign of intelligence.

... they had some quick moves as well.

YoungKingDoran2080d ago

why dont zombies eat each other

Silver_Faux2080d ago

Maybe if zombies and vampires were real mate your argument would hold up, otherwise theyre all open to interpretation. Just look at twilight, i never knew vampires could be soft cocks but hey there it is.

cjflora2080d ago

I can see your arguement, except for the can't infect humans part. I don't know that I've ever run into zombie lores where the zombies can't infect humans.

Read the Zombie Survival Guide. It's a good book, and sets "rules" on what qualifies as a "classic" zombie. The book mentions that zombies are slow and stupid, which is cool that it sets those rules, but as nvm1987 points out it's all fake and open to vary.

In my mind a zombie's and "infected" are the same thing, just different takes on them.

I just read The Strain, which is about vampires, but unlike any vampire I've come across before. These things have parasitic worms in them, and have stingers that shoot out of their mouth to suck the blood of their victims. As long as you have the basic concepts there, a vampire, zombie, werewolf or any other creature lore can vary.

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Spitfire_Riggz2080d ago

A love story? heh. So much for a good horror game

jessupj2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

My thought exactly.

I said to myself, "Finally!!! another zombie horror game, but it's actully going to be done right and will be super awesome because it's done by ND."

And now I read "Not a zombie horror game, is a love story instead..... I'm very disappointed.

I don't want another Uncharted with a different story, I want a completely new game with new gameplay and new concepts.

A horror game by ND would have been epic

Shang-Long2079d ago

Insisting that “we’re not going for horror,” Druckmann said the game is instead a sort of love story – “not a romantic love story,” but “a love story about a father-daughter-like relationship.”

Don't be quick to judge. They aren't going for horror, doesn't mean it won't be

StraightPath2080d ago

Wonder what kind of game it is. Survival horror? Or uncharted type of game linear and scripted but with a mature focus?

Some familiarity with Left for dead and dead island but ultimately those two games are over the top and just aim for pure fun.

This could be another cinematic experience from naughty dog. Cant wait.

Ashby_JC2080d ago

Id be interested in a Co Op type od survaval game with the same level of look and feel of Uncharted.

Lots of playable characters. That can die and effect the outcome etc. Some open world elements.

Based on the trailer It screams survival the dudes or infected looked pretty SCARY and they looked to e trying to survive.

andibandit2079d ago

what you mean what kind of game it is?
they already said "A love story".
think "beauty and the beast".

showtimefolks2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I am fine either way here is my thing:

people act like we have had too many zombie games but you go ahead and name me a zombie game which was a 95/100 all of them are good not great. I am glad that ND are saying its not another zombie game but if ND do a zombie game they will do it right.

dead rising is good at best
dead island while fun is a mid 7
and what else? download able titles? COD zombie modes?

go ahead and name a AAA zombie game where the story actually made sense? the best zombie game is LFD and that doesn't even have a story.

ND are the best developers in gaming today #1 every other developer is after them and yes that makes me sound like a ND fanboy but they have yet to disappoint us their games and who knows their 2nd studio could be hard to work on JAK4 i wish


i agree i think we just need to give it more time, we still don't know most of the stuff about this game. There are too many unknowns. This is a rated M game if i am not wrong so expect something stellar from ND.

yeh i know LFD has a story but its not told as traditional stories with cutscenes and stuff. but right now LFD is the best zombie game in the market. RDR undead is good but the repetition kind of made it dull after a while. but the ending was awesome

Ducky2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

L4D has a story.
As for an AAA zombie game, there's RedDeadRedemption's zombie DLC.
That's about it.

... but I think the main reason people are going 'ugh' is because zombies are something that have appeared a lot. The setting feels kind of stale to some.

It'd be the same feeling if ND was making a military shooter. Sure, the game could turn out great... but the initial reaction is 'why not pick something more creative'.

Personally, I'm liking their direction since I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic settings, but I can understand why some people don't share the same enthusiasm.
Perhaps some opinions will change when more details/footage is released.