Survey: 60% of Adults for Government Regulation of Game Sales

A study by Hill & Knowlton of over a thousand respondents showed that a majority think the government should regulate mature content itself, and even 44% of gamers surveyed approved such regulation.

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ruibing3908d ago

So 60% of adults would rather have the government "regulate" kids versus themselves, then when it doesn't work out so well its only the fault of the gov and ourselves. I wish parents would take a stronger role in just teaching kids the basics of morality versus just censoring them from it all, it's not like TV or movies will ever teach us...

AmpedMan3908d ago

Exactly, Gov't != Parents. The Parents need to stop being lazy and govern what their underage kids are playing. I predict that in a decade or less a significant amount of parents will be playing games so much so that governing what their kids play is easy. We don't need the gov't to get involved, just the parents.

GIJeff3908d ago

just what we need. More BS trickling down. Dont some of us have freedoms and such?

name3908d ago

A generation gap being solved by further disconnection and refusal of actual interaction. I've also seen a rise in news "coverage" of violence in video games. They seem to be feeding off the fact that some parents don't play video games, so they know nothing about them. They leech off that ignorance and here we are. -_- That's it I'm moving to the moon.

Silvia0073908d ago

Only means, 60% of the adult population are a bunch of uneducated morons who don't know jack about their kids.

Loopy3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

It's not far from the truth.
Being a parent doesn't automatically entitle you to be a RESPONSIBLE parent...

lodossrage3908d ago

"Uncle sam, I am irresponsible. I can't handle my own kids. So please, please do my job for me."

THAT is what the survey says.

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The story is too old to be commented.