Huge 2GB Battlefield 3 Title Update hits Xbox Live

A huge 2.07GB 'Multiplayer Update' has gone live for the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3.

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theonlylolking2049d ago

Those peeps with there 4gb xbox 360's are probably raging.

death2smoochie2049d ago

The reality is those type of Xbox360 owners most likely don't play BF3 type games anyways

fooxy2049d ago

Actually they do :P My friend will be forced to buy HDD or Flash stick today LOL :D

Fishy Fingers2049d ago

There's a correlation between SKU and gaming tastes? Or are we just guessing to save face?

Thought so...

Nitrowolf22049d ago

That is absolutely BS. It's the cheapest model available so it's for everyone. Size of HDD made at the time of purchasing the 360 doesn't determine what type of gamer you are.

In reality those were uniformed gamer's who didn't know much about HDD.

PLUS can't they just install is over a flash drive? Issue solved

gypsygib2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

You'd be a fool to buy a 4 gig 360 if you planed on doing a lot of MP gaming.

JaredH2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Wow that's a ridiculous size. Hopefully it's like Bad Company 2 and if someone clears their system cache it won't delete the update because that would suck. The 150mb update got deleted when I cleared it so idk.

arnyftw2049d ago

Wow, this is sad. They should atleast make this an optional update so that I can background download. With my connection this means I'll have to leave my xbox on for a long time. I hope the next update compresses all this onto 100 MB or something.

Bornstellar2049d ago

The PC update was nearly 4GB, so I guess they did compress it, then again, that update included Back to Karkand too.

Get a 16GB flash drive for like $12 and don't worry about space again, as for your Internet speed. Can't help you there.

Twilightx72049d ago

Hoping to compress a 4GB update to 100MB is pretty unrealistic.

arnyftw2049d ago

It is but why are the updates for this game so big? I mean I thought the 100 MB update was massive because that seemed like a ps3 update while the biggest xbox update i've downloaded is 16 MB for Black Ops

Twilightx72049d ago

Oddly enough, I don't see it reported anywhere that the PS3 patch with B2K was ALSO 2GB. Pretty certain the reasoning behind the file size is that it contains the new maps as well as the bug fixes - these maps weren't on the disc already, contrasting with the popular practice of including DLC on the disc and making you pay for it.

Parapraxis2049d ago

Pretty sure none of the COD map packs have been on discs either, but I do detest "unlock keys" It's not really DLC if it's already on my disc, they should refer to that as ULC (unlockable local content)

Noticeably_FAT2049d ago

This is a non issue for 4 gig Xbox 360 players, I know quite a few who just use a cheap flash drive. $10 and your good to go.

On the other hand, way to release a game that needs that big of an update EA/Dice...haven't you ever heard of Hotfixes?

Urrakia342049d ago

The update is that big because it has fixes and also the Back To Karkand stuff.

Parapraxis2049d ago

It's not a non issue. Play it down all you want, but for many many 4GB owners this update will be a hassle.

Noticeably_FAT2049d ago

Who doesn't have a flash drive or MP3 player or something that you can use now days? All of the above will work, most people have these things already.

It's a non issue, hell I ran with a launch 20 gig for years with no trouble, finally I bought a slim last year because those things look sick and are whisper quiet.

vikingland12049d ago

Some people will love this news and others will gripe about it.

mcstorm2049d ago

I agree. This is a big update for a 360 game but nothing compared to some of the PS3 updates look at GT5 I think its had around 8 or 9GB of updates in total.

To me im not bothered how big they are as long as it fixes the bugs in the games and makes the experience better im happy.

PetitPiPi2049d ago

Holy crap! That is a lot of fixes!! Good job Dice.

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