Actress Zelda Williams Talks Pro Gaming

This has been a very big year for actress Zelda Williams. Nintendo featured the actress and her more famous dad in a commercial celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Legeend of Zelda. And she’s filmed her first video game movie, Noobz, which explores the world of pro gaming. Williams talks about her own gaming skills and talks eSports with her Noobz co-stars in this exclusive video interview from the red carpet of the Spike “Video Game Awards” (“VGAs”).

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grifter0242325d ago

"And talks about Esports and her own gaming skill."

Where is the video of this or did they forget to tape that part, because all they say in this video is what they played not to mention them saying nothing about Eports at all unless you call what game to movie adaptation they want to see made.

Such a bad article but I guess you can get away with it because it's a "Girl Gamer."