Porting Battlefield 3 to console was "a big challenge", admits DICE

DICE has admitted that porting Battlefield 3 and its engine Frostbite 2 to console was "a big challenge".

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RedDead2293d ago

They even change the buildings and scenery for Single player.

gamer2342293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

have they seen "last of us"

Pandamobile2292d ago

What does that have to do with anything?

Lovable2292d ago

It makes him feels good.

In other news, it's negative 4 in my place...

Winter47th2292d ago Show
da_2pacalypse2292d ago

lol what does last of us have to do with the frostbite 2 engine being ported to the console? yeah, last of us will look good just like very ND game... but I highly doubt it will have full building destructibility along with 64 player MP and 60 fps.... -_-

hadriker2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

The trailer we have seen looks decent, but its not actual game play footage, it is a cutscene. It is way to early to be making these types of comparisons. Remember the Dead Island trailer?

Kewl_Kat2292d ago


Problem with using Last of Us as his example is that it's not released, yet. Heck, there hasn't even been any non-cut scene in-game footage.

pc_masterrace2292d ago

HE TROLLS....HE SCORES. 6-0 gamer234


"64 player MP and 60 fps"

64 player servers are for having fun, nothing more. if you want to have really good game try 15-32 player servers.

60 fps? try 90-140 on ultra.

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aviator1892292d ago

and "the last of us" concerns battlefield 3 how, exactly?

floetry1012292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Some people like to think that if the PS3 can produce visuals like Last of Us or Uncharted 3, that any game can look as good if a developer has enough time. Fact of the matter is, Uncharted 3 is optimized especially well for a single console by a team that knows the PS3 inside and out, while Battlefield 3 has to deliver virtually the same experience across three platforms.

T9002292d ago

Well yes Uncharted might be optimized for a single console however look at what it has to offer. Its a extremely linear game with no destructable environments, MP which has about 5 vs 5 (compared to BF's 12 vs 12 on console).

I think only a fanboy would be comparing the 2 games then saying Dice doesnt know how to optimize. When ND or any Sony first party dev releases a open world game and it actually looks better than BF3 then you can start judging Dice.

scrambles2292d ago

@floetry well... sorta ps3 has input lag so many of the players have to lower their quality to play at normal speeds sadly...

Intentions2292d ago

There is a big difference between first party developers and third party.

Therefore one being exclusive only game, and multiplatform game.

death2smoochie2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )


We have seen it and it's just a pre rendered trailer USING ITS GAME ENGINE...

Until "Last of us" runs an almost full destructible environment using all real time lighting and effects all in real time and not pre baked/pre calculated like uncharted 3 in most cases and has 64 player capability using various vehicles in very large environments and is NOT LINEAR unlike what the FROST BITE 2.0 ENGINE ON THE P.C OFFERS FOR BF3...YOUR TROLLING POINT IS VERY USELESS AND POINTLESS.

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achmetha2292d ago

id say they succeeded. I'm happy with it on ps3

Jayjayff2292d ago

i am...happy/disappointed. Happy because it is a great game, But god damn the VOIP! what that hell were they thinking!

Tapioca Cold2292d ago

Where are all my BF3 friends. Ya'll said you'd by the game and no one is playing! Need rush friends. I LOVE RUSH!!!!

Bought MW3 and honestly it's better than 2 doesn't touch MW. But uit looks like ass on PS3 and it's just so boring. Everyone only cares about killstreaks. Ridiculous. I care about W's.

Tarantino_Life2292d ago

"porting-battlefield-3-to -console-was-a-big-challenge-ad mits-dice"
Yeah whatever....

screw these stupid generic military shooters games and their pathetic stories. Trine 2, Alan Wake, Last Of US,Rayman Origins, MGS Rising etc etc etc FTW!!

SJPFTW2292d ago

you must have no friends. battlefield is a multiplayer game first and formost

ExCest2292d ago

so true
he only listed single player games

yes it does have a pathetic story but lol generic?
We're not buying medicine. You only get generics to save money. This is quality

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