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Submitted by wohoo 1516d ago | news

No 3D for Starhawk

TVGB: "Just got that fancy new 3D telly, hoping to play all of Sony's best offerings on it? Starhawk won't be one of them, I'm afraid." (PS3, Starhawk)

Ghost250  +   1516d ago
ehhh. not really interested in Starhwak. but maybe no gimmicky 3d is a good thing
dark-hollow  +   1516d ago
it doesnt matter.
3D is a gimmick.
princejb134  +   1516d ago
3d isnt anything bad but the problem i see with it its that not enough people have 3d tvs yet
talk to me in 2 to 3 years when the tvs are cheaper to purchase with no glasses required
N311V  +   1516d ago
They'll certainly be cheaper in 2-3 years but don't expect affordable glasses-less 3D for a long time.
N311V  +   1516d ago
Unless of coarse you call this affordable;

Toshiba REGZA 55X3 glasses-less 3D TV arrives in Japan mid-December for $11,000 USD
Boody-Bandit  +   1516d ago
"not really interested in Starhawk"

Yet you're the first to reply. SMH

On topic:
3D or no 3D this is one of my most anticipated titles for 2012. Warhawk was seamless online. I love online games that work near flawlessly. That is the thing I hope stays the same for this next iteration in the series. Can't wait to play it.
Ghost250  +   1515d ago
sensitive much
Boody-Bandit  +   1515d ago
Not in the slightest but you obviously are.
Baka-akaB  +   1514d ago
it is just utterly funny to arrive first in a thread to profess how you dont care . And you keep defending yourself , proving his point so ...
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Fishy Fingers  +   1516d ago
Strange, oh well at least the resources wont be wasted on 3D when only a select few actually use it. Personally I think Sony have pushed it on developers a little early.
Baka-akaB  +   1516d ago
It's hard to claim they've truly pushed it , when even devs like those of starhawk can plainly refuse it .

And it hasnt harmed the development as far as we know , of any title that use it .
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Fishy Fingers  +   1516d ago
Of course it has, the time, and resources that have to be put into getting you engine/game to support 3D isnt minor. It also means system resources must be held back to accomodate 3D, whether the user is using it or not, just in case.

Your kidding yourself if you dont think Sony are doing their up most to push 3D, they are one of the major companies who stand to benefit from it.

I know how it goes, you question logic before you question Sony.
Baka-akaB  +   1516d ago
More like you wanna read it that way . I'm just a 3d user and fan of 3d and wherever it goes that's all .

And i never said it doesnt use ressources , but it hasnt so far harmed those willing to use it , at least according to their own words . They used ressources , but there arent exactly very known example of games being delayed for that specific reason or throwing out features because of it . That's all

And nope sorry , you wanna make it black or white , but thing is if Sony was forcing it instead of just promoting it , all its first party studios would follow suit .

It's even a usual flaw from them , they launch their tech or version of a tech , and instead of making it mandatory , at least amidst their own studio , they leave most of the choice to studios and publishers .

We saw it "harm" features , such as move , trophies at first , keyboard mouse support , custom music , screenshots , 3d etc ..

Please just spare me the "you just love sony" crap , next time , i'll even accomodate your tone and be very happy to announce i can't wait the 360's full support for it too .
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Why o why  +   1516d ago
Damn, cant win em all
Spenok  +   1515d ago
Agreed. Well at least my set auto converts 2D to 3D. I wonder how it will look, as most titles look pretty decent with the upconversion.
N311V  +   1515d ago
What set have you got? I have a Bravia HX820 and I too was quite impressed with the 2D to 3D conversion.
Spenok  +   1514d ago
Bravia HX729.

I picked it up on black friday for $800.

46 inch.
Getowned  +   1516d ago
Dosen't matter to me,3D hurts my eyes and makes the picture quality look like crap.Can't wait for starhawk.
Tanir  +   1516d ago
for real, 3d is a stupid lame fad everyone is going through, i hate it in the movies, in games, it belongs only on the back of cereal boxes when a pair of red and blue glasses can be cut out of the box.

it hurts the eyes, lowers the quality, and is barely even used. In movies when its used its like 2 or 3 parts of the movies where its noticable unless its shot in 3d, even then its still pretty lame.

in games its just bad, very bad.

i mean everyone just got into the HD era, alot of people are still using standard tv's and we have to accept 3d tvs now? noooo thanks. I like my crisp clean graphics on my hd tv
Baka-akaB  +   1516d ago
Well to each their own , you dont like it , at least it was never forced and is an option , but doesnt mean it doesnt work fine .

The effect are great actually in most games using it , especially on pc now .
And while rare , there are actually movies where most scenes do a sensible use of 3d effect .
And recently 2d to 3d auto conversion is even starting to have some decent or great results , albeit not much with 2d game

The one use i'd call a pure useless gimmick would be the 3ds . Otherwise a fine console with it disabled .

It is no more useless or a fad than super duper fancy extra whatever new surround 20.1 audio system , that is pushed once everywhile .

Hell it didnt even cost me a real extra . I had my eyes set on a precise panasonic plasma , based on stuff like 2d picture quality , and most of all input lag . 3d was a bonus for a cheap extra , and better 2d features for the set
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Apocwhen  +   1516d ago
Not interested in 3D either.
As for the beta, I've really enjoyed it and I think I'll be picking this up when it releases. It's like Warhawk with C&C elements built into it.
jetlian  +   1516d ago
lol seems a lot of people broke =) me loving 3d. tekken movie ending fight was some of the best in 3d movies. playing games let pick up on little things
N311V  +   1516d ago
There are some vocal 3D haters out there.

I personally LOVE gaming in 3D and so has everyone I've shown. Now that I'm thinking of it the most common comment made by people I've shown is "eff now I've got to buy a 3D TV!!". Maybe that's where the hate is coming from.
Gohadouken  +   1516d ago
The "it's a gimmick" is the most awesomely useless argument anyway .

Pretty much everything embellishing games and picture are anyway .
For many years and as early as 4.1 set , we've been able to hear footsteps from behind in games , and i dont see people raising a fush over current expensive audio home cinema sets , and the constant influx of new audio formats for it .

Nor should they ... those gimmick embellish sounds , just like new fancy graphical toys do . If you dont feel like investing it in , stop making excuses , about prices (most of wich you dont know squat about usually) , usefulness , and just follow the standards wich are fine too .
death2smoochie  +   1516d ago
This is not exactly a bad thing. Look at all the games that are 3D on consoles now:

They have to cut the visual fidelity in all areas to make the game playable.
Until these consoles can run full 3D HD @ above 30+ frames per second WITHOUT sacrificing game visuals, then it is pointless.
Next generation 3D will be the better experience for console gaming.
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ginsunuva  +   1515d ago
3d would have been a great fit for this game. Imagine it while flying through space.
lodossrage  +   1515d ago
For everyone saying 3D is a fad
Think back to about 4 years ago.

HDTV was brand new and everyone was saying over and over again "HD isn't needed", "it's a fad", and all the rest.

Yet four years later, here we are. If you want to dislike 3D then that's your choice. But know the difference between a fad and what's mainstay

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