Heroic Map Pack Images Blowout

Bungie: "On Dec. 11, the Heroic Map Pack will be available on Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft points. Today for your persual, enjoyment and scrutiny we're putting up a hojillion screenshots from the Heroic map pack. There's a bunch here and a bunch more in larger resolutions at the Halo 3 Projects page."

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cr33ping_death3876d ago

gotta pass on these........the halo hype train really got derailed by call of duty 4........ill get them when they are free.

iceice1233876d ago

Ahh I see more boring maps for Halo 3. I don't think Bungie is even trying anymore.

mesh13876d ago

cry more tard cry more no game onthe ps3 looks better than halo 3 get that into ur brain kid

cr33ping_death3876d ago

mesh is calling you out..... i guess he failed to see that you own a 360 and that your opinion is your own. what a fanboy mesh is.....calling out even his own.

mesh13876d ago

sorry ice thought u were a ps3 fanboy ut halo 3 eventho i dont play it its no way boring beats amygame on ps3 and is a better game for depth than cod4 remeber cod4 has no phsics inthat game but still is more funfo rme than halo caus ei liek real life weapons insted of lazer beams

The BS Police3876d ago

I cannot wait to expiriment with Foundry in Forge.

Lygre3876d ago

Proably worth the MS points =)

Bungie really knows how to make great maps....and gametypes.

Rooocket Raaaaaaaaaaace! RR probably works on Standoff =)

zonetrooper53876d ago

I'm actually going to buy them, I was stuck on whether to get them or not but I can afford to get them, I'm 16, I pay for XBL myself, the games and the console itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.