Atsushi Inaba speaks out on Metal Gear Rising: “I know reaction to the new trailer is mixed”

The executive director and producer at Platinum Games has answered Metal Gear fans in a series of tweets, opening with “Let me begin”. He then goes on to address interviewer implications that “PlatinumGames was able to achieve what Kojima Productions could not” and saying “Kojima took a gamble believing we could handle the task”.

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RedDead2174d ago

Didn't achieve what they couldn't. They made a hack and slash when KP were attempting to make a stealth action game. See the gameplay trailer to see the original target. i think the new one looks great too. but they didn't do what Kojima productions couldn't. I wuld have like if the original workewd out, that looks unique and great, looks like a good MGS game with a ninja. The new one is just another hack & slash but atleast it looks like a good one, despite the immense cheese dripping off it.

Iroquois_Pliskin2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

I facepalmed alot when i watched the trailer. I couldnt help it... Platinum Games needs to take this game more seriously, stop with the cheesiness PG...


Exactly! I never saw Gray Fox do that! WTF! If i remember correctly Gray Fox tried to take a Metal Gear head-on and look where he ended up. If Gray Fox cant do it, then Raiden certainly cant!

Tanir2173d ago

wtf r u talkin about iroquois, first off your logic is MG Rising cheesy? because its over the top action? and stop calling the genre hack and slash, people dont call shooters Trigger mashers or stealth games sneak and peaks. its an action game.

second, no crap greyfox couldnt do that stuff, his tech was old compared to what raiden is using, the stuff cranked them up. Snakes suit couldn't go camo before, u complain about that too?

3rd.....ur suprised at thee awesome fake action that raiden can do yet no one complained when raiden held back a DAMN BATTLESHIP WITH NO ARMS!!!!

freakin hypocrites -_-

raWfodog2173d ago

As I've stated below somewhere, people are mistaken if they think Kojima didn't approve of this or didn't have any say-so in the direction that PG took with this game.

limewax2173d ago

Im with you on the cheesiness however you seem to have forgotten a lot about MGS4.

Raiden took on a LOT of metal gears and won in MGS4, and come on man, he stopped a ship the size of a small city with one arm. I don't think they have made him over the top for this game, if anything they followed the idea of how powerful he was in MGS4

lastdual2173d ago

"They made a hack and slash when KP were attempting to make a stealth action game."

Sorry, but that's just wishful thinking. According to Kojima himself (via his twitter), even his original concept for Rising was not tactical stealth action as MGS is known for. He INTENDED it to be focused on crazy action from the start.

Seriously, did NO ONE pay attention to the insane Raiden cut scenes in MGS4? Does no one remember Raiden breakdancing while flipping mechs around by his feet? Kojima WANTED those type of scenes in a playable form.

The fact is, some MGS fans take the series a lot more seriously than its creator does. Kojima isn't afraid of over-the-top insanity. Platinum's team was simply more experienced at turning that type of vision into gameplay.

baodeus2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Kojima is the executive producer for this one as well and the way that he is, he just not gonna let his life work down the drain regardless of spin off or not.

Platinum is known for battle mechanic and overtop action. While the old built look interesting, i actually prefer the new fighting mechanic to the old ones. Just look at the sword fight in MGS4 multiplayer, or the old built and tells me u actually prefer that mechanic over the new trailers. Since they switching the style of the game to hack and slash, it should be in good hand with platinum.

The redeeming point is that the story and cutscenes are still being handle by Kojima team right, so let hopes that both work out well in the end.

Megaman_nerd2174d ago

There is still time! You can still tone down the cheesyness a bit and make that other enemy cyborg look as cool and scary as Raiden! I really don't mind if the game's a pure hack & slash but what makes the MGS series so cool is that Kojima knows its limits, he knows when something over the top is cool and when things are just plain ridiculous. And Raiden lifting and cutting down a Metal Gear like a piece of paper is ridiculous, only weaboos like hat kind of stuff (and games with men that look like women and women that go in adventures dressed in a one piece dress and mini skirts).

IrishAssa2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

I guess I'm a weeaboo, and RDD has a Naruto avatar soo...And I too agree it was way over the top and way too cheesy, I hate shi* like that. I would like them too tone it down as well. They have a chance to make a great game now and they have a character and franchise that everyone loves and isn't over the top. Why do they have to change it? They can still have a hack and slash without over the top

StraightPath2173d ago

didnt raiden stop a huge war boat and get his arms ripped off in mgs4? how did he have the strength to do that..aint that cheesy? lol

solidboss2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

that wasnt cheesy he was risking his life to save snake in that scene. what could count as cheesy is raiden fighting all of the frog's with a blade in his mouth while snake was in the microwave. i think what the last guy was trying to say was how its dumb that raiden can so easily defeat a metal gear when they are the primary obstacle the player has to defeat at the end of the game seeing raiden take one down like that so effortlessly is disappointing.

HarryMasonHerpderp2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

It was epic not cheesy.
Okay maybe a little cheesy haha.
Still i think they are messing up the story and cannon more than anything we all know this should of taken place in between MGS2 and MGS4 because raidens story ended at MGS4 and this just messes things up.

raWfodog2173d ago

If Kojima doesn't have a problem with it, what's the problem? I'm sure none of this was done without his approval or blessing. You know how protective he is of his franchise. People just need to stop being so high-brow and serious about this stuff and enjoy (or not) the 'game'.

Pozzle2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

You're complaining that the Rising trailer was too cheesy and over-the-top for a series that has contained a man who can control bees, a bisexual vampire with a fetish for knives, a gun-toting villain with a possessed British arm (let's ignore MGS4's retcon for a moment), and a man named "Naked Snake"??

Sometimes I wonder if MGS fans block out the silly themes from their heads, because they seem to be playing a very different series than the one I played. o.O Metal Gear wouldn't be Metal Gear without the silly, other-the-top, so called "weaboo" stuff.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2173d ago

err weeabo is a term used for someone who is overly engrossed in Japanese culture, it really has nothing to do with this topic.

I agree with you Pozzle. The series has been known for it's story and over the top action. I think this is a nice direction. We were introduced to the 'lightning bolt action' theme this game was built on over a year ago, it's no different now.

I think people are just pissed that it isn't Kojima Productions making it.
I also think a lot of people are thinking Plat games are poor developers. They aren't. This isn't some ninja theory shit. This is the real deal.

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Jappy-k72173d ago

let the haters cry all they want...

just continue the great work making this masterpiece with kojipro Inaba-san!

thekiddfran2173d ago Show
Chidori2173d ago

Maybe if this game didn't have "Metal gear" in its name, I would have been able to look at it objectively...It's not that the game looks bad, it just looks stupid considering the Metal gear franchise is renowned for it's...refined gameplay. Not this hack and slash beat em up crap. Just the other day I was thinking about how excited I am for Rising....not anymore.

Colonel_Dante2173d ago

More like:
Real MGS fans: its bs.

PD.... Judging by how you flash "Metal" "Gear"
"Metal" "Gear"
"Metal Gear"
"Metal Gear Rising"

Looks like a cheap cash in on the world Kojima San worked to create and perfect for more than twenty years.

zerocrossing2173d ago

I really doubt kojima would back this game if it was gonna be that bad.

Its obviously not for the MGS purist, but anyone who's been wanting an over the top action game with a dash of crazy can look forward to this.

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