Sony sending out free 30-day Playstation Plus trials to PSN users

Sony Computer Entertainment is sending out e-mails to several Playstation Network users containing multiple free 30-day Playstation Plus trial voucher codes.

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Megaman_nerd2357d ago

but the trick is that you have to put your credit card number to redeem it. The first month is free but.... =/

krisq2356d ago

PSN Plus doesn't automatically renew itself. It's not Xbox Live.

Paradicia2356d ago

And what Krigsq fails to mention is that it's optional and you can opt out at any time.

fuzion17c2356d ago

Got my codes! Good til' March 31st.

GraveLord2356d ago

No, you don't need to put in your credit card number.

sabestar2356d ago

Are you sure? bec I plugged in the code and it's not allowing me to proceed without using a credit card, I wish there was a way to bypass it.

aDDicteD2356d ago

i think you need the credit card to have it

chaldo2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

So everyone is receiving this? because I haven't yet.

SSKILLZ2356d ago

Yeah, it also comes with two spare codes for friends want one ?

Canary2357d ago

I guess the 2 free months of PS+ last summer didn't get them as many new subscribers as they hoped.

Think they'll ever realize we're not buying subscriptions because we don't see much value in owning and maintaining one?

FunAndGun2356d ago

There is plenty value in a Plus subscription.

Either you are not looking hard enough or you just don't like playing a variety of games.

killcycle2356d ago

Well I had all the old content on the store on it's initial release, I don't think i had it's value. For new customers it's a great service.

But for old school PSNers like me and others out there it's not worth it. Not now at least, unless the 150mb cloud is enough for you.

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Kewl_Kat2356d ago

It works either way. Previous promotion was crap = run another one until success is achieved. Promotion went very well = still run another one 'cause why stop if it works?

I wouldn't say PS Plus is in the same league as WoW, Netflix, or Live in terms of subscription base, but that doesn't mean it's not doing well. By the way, I hesitated for a year before finally getting a year-long subscription, and now I can say I'm very happy with it.

gypsygib2356d ago

Well, you get a lot more free stuff with PS Plus. The only reason PS Plus isn't worth it is because Sony gives the most important thing away for free - Online MP.

If Online MP wasn't free PS Plus would be better than Live in many (not all) aspects.

Why buy the cow when the milks free.

P_Bomb2356d ago

Netflix and XBL do 1 month free trials too. XBL *just* had a free weekend in the US. Got a month of free Gold when I got my 360, plus I still see 'get an extra month for a dollar' ads on the dashboard all the time. People are reading way too much into this. Free trials are nothing new. Buy a new car and you'll probably get one for satellite radio.

Didn't they just sell a buncha PS3s on Black Friday too? There's been a couple million new customers added since the post-hack Plus promo that never got that deal. Maybe now, they can too.

Rainstorm812356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

double post

Rainstorm812356d ago


1100$ USD worth of free content in 2011 for 50$ a year!? What a ripoff.....I could just use that money for XBL just to play online..../SARCASM

Agent_00_Revan2356d ago

I have tried to see the value in PSN+, but to me it just isnt there. I'm not getting much more then the free version. Content is scarce and doesnt seem to be updated much. There are even pretty few PSN+ discounts on games.

If they would give out some themes or avatars, maybe even 1 free movie stream a month. Something to make it feel worthwhile. I also feel paying for PSN+ should be able to get us at least 10% just about any game purchase. Digital game downloads are so overpriced especially considering that there is no packaging cost, retailer cut, or shipping.

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lodossrage2357d ago

Do you say that when Microsoft gives out free Xbox live gold as well? I'm curious on that.

kreate2357d ago

I recieved like 5 free gold trials from MS so far.
I received 0 from sony.

I guess no one is buying gold membership for xbox live.
also this month with the new dashboard upgrade, xbox gold membership is 1 dollar cuz no one is buying it apparently .....

consolez_FTW2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

yeah,exactly man. Just because someone gives out free trials doesn't mean people aren't buying it. THey just want more people to experience it and try it out.

Kthalas2356d ago

I've only gotten 1 free gold trial from MS.

I rarely use my 360 and I rarely play online, so there's no point for me to pay for Live Gold. Even if I could get a year for $12.

I do use my PS3 quite a bit and I did pick up the PSN +. I've gotten a few games for free. Some were good, some weren't and some were classics.

Bundi2356d ago

35 million gold members and $1 billion in xbox live revenue say they are.
But you wouldn't get it. . .

lodossrage2356d ago

Someone missed the point I see

MRMagoo1232356d ago

I think thats what happens when you have ur head stuck up MS arse you find it hard to see things clearly

bobrea2356d ago

Hahaha oh wow. Why so defensive? You just made yourself look like an idiot. TOTALLY missed the point

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