Analysts: Blu-ray & HD DVD Will Both Survive

Despite calls for a single format, two research companies yesterday said both Blu-ray and HD DVD high-def discs will be around for years to come.

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smoothdude3879d ago

I bought a HD DVD player to upscale my current dvd library, but I am still hoping that Blue Ray wins down the road. When it becomes more affordable then I will buy a blue Ray player.

Bladestar3880d ago

hehe... I hope is true... as long as blu-ray is not the sole HD format Sony loses... good enough for me... will slow adoption until digital distribution picks up...

Danja3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

WOW someone got there head too far up M$ ass these days...srry but Blu Ray will win..which means M$..will most likely use Blu Ray in it's next Sony wins again..

Digital distribution is a long way off then PS5 AND XBOX 1080 will be out also..!!

ruibing3880d ago

The only reason I have some hopes for HD-DVD not dying off completely is because I know the economy of the world isn't in the best shapes and people paid (some more than others) for the add-on or standalone player. But then I get to read a comment like yours which manage to quickly erase those foolish thoughts from my head. It's really hard being sympathetic to a sore loser...

Pothead213880d ago

@ Danja--
ok, The only reason I want HD to "win" is because it is the cheaper of the two. I believe sony does alot of things right but lets not be stupid, they've made mistakes too just like everyone else (memory stik duo, PSP's UMDs)

You've made clear your bias against MS.
And about the "M$" thing, you act like MS is some big evil corporation and Sony and Nintendo are the little guys that get stepped on (Mac as well) but they are huge billion dollar companies too.

As the comments here aren't the most user-friendly, I won't be able to debate any one =( send me a PM if you really want to get into it ^^

Snukadaman3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

both of you are fanboys...why try and act like bladestar is any different then you...some fanboys are so deluded they cant see themselves in the mirror... is he being a sore loser..where in his comments sounds anything like sour grapes? its just the same ramblings most blu-ray owners say...hd-dvd is dead and blah blah...

Bladestar3880d ago

@Danja - where did I mentioned Microsoft or the xbox 360? I said Digital distribution? what are you saying? Microsoft invented digital distribution now? I'm for digital distribution just like I am for digital distribution for Music or when I order a movie on paperview on cable. Just like I buy games lots of my PC games via download too.

And if I were going to deal with a physical format.. why the hell would I pick the most expensive one? why blu-ray? because Sony say so? forget that.... you try taking your head out of Sony's @$$ so you can see the light... only reason why you vote for blu-ray is because it's Sony's... both formats will eventually be replaced by digital distribution, and both formats do the samething.. 1080 and crap... one of them is hundreds of dollards more expensive... and who has their head on who's a$$? you are the one paying more for the same freaken crap...

Pothead213880d ago

Thank you! there is nothing more I can really add to your comment. you hit the nail on the head.

I don't care who it is, a bias to ANYONE is lame.

I have found myself siding with MS a bit more then Sony lately. In the last generation I was a proud PS2 owner and preferred it over the Xbox by a significant margin, and I still do. BUT I have seen the mistakes Sony has made and see the good choices MS has made. Though they're not infallible by any means, I believe the 360 was the best investment for my money for now (I full well plan to purchase a PS3)

My point is, as Bladestar has said, I refuse to pay hundreds of extra dollars for the same crap. (If I were to buy a movie... I can't remember the last time I payed for a movie, Pirate Bay ftw)

Primetimebt3880d ago

Isn't it the funny the same guys who were bragging about how these $99 HD DVD players were going to take over the world but a month later they're back on this digital distribution. Sorry but digital distribution nothing more than a pipe dreams.

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Blademask3880d ago

According to mixed reports.. Bluray Disc's outsell HD-DVD by great margins.

I think its just a case of HD-DVD catering to the wrong audience. Most people that care about 7.1 sound, aren't trying to "save up" for their high definition content. This is why tons of 80 dollar non 1080p hd-dvd drives sold, yet no one bought any discs. I dont see the HD-DVD buyer that bought the cheapest HD-DVDplayer, buying their entire DVD collection over again.

Digital Downloads aren't going to replace either of these until everyone has 25mbps lines in home. I really dont care for HD-On demand from Comcast/Timewarner. You can see the compression, and its just disgusting. The same is said for XBL content.

I am fortunate enough to have both HD-DVD player as well as a Bluray Player, it will be interesting to see which will phase the other out. This holiday Season, Bluray has the more appealing movie list.

jaja14343880d ago

Well its surviving because the people that buy the players are buying movies. Hence the 2:1 software margin when HD has a much smaller install base.

achira3880d ago

no chance for hd-dvd. only dumb xbots bought it, and in a year everyone will see blu.

Snukadaman3880d ago

I went act like if this format war is over hd-dvd players will be worthless...they wont be..they are cheap upconverting dvd players imo...and thinking everyone will just upgrade too either winning format is just fanboy wishing...both formats are not moving numbers like both sides have hoped...both crumbs on regular dvds table.

Pothead213880d ago

You're just another useless fanboy who blinds himself of any other technology outside of his favorite company. When you blind yourself you fail to see the good in every system, and the flaws that every system has (and this is key) INCLUDING your favorite console.

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