Swanni's 2008 Predictions: Blu-ray vs. HD DVD (Big Surprise) - Allison Moore, December 5, 2007:

Phillip Swann of has been making predictions about TV technology issues for several years with an incredible rate of success. For instance, Swanni was the first to say Voom's satellite TV service would fail; that Apple TV would be a bust; and that Interactive TV programs would never reach a mass audience in the United States.

And now, Swanni is kicking off his forecasts for High-Definition TV in the coming year. The video commentary below includes Swanni's second prediction -- what will happen in the Blu-ray/HD DVD high-def disc format war? Will Blu-ray win? HD DVD? Neither?

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HarryEtTubMan3793d ago

Sony already said they wil support Blu Ray until the end.

marinelife93793d ago

Any idea on how they're going to come to a neutral format?
The players are already in people's homes.

Relientk773793d ago

^ well if Sony will continue to support it ..

when blu-ray is selling more than HD-DVD (even more than now)

HD-DVD will give up if they know whats good for them

Snukadaman3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

If you look at his track record he has predicted correctly some things....but one point he does say that consumers wont buy into a format until theres only one clear winner in this format war...blu-ray backers wishy washy>??? just like some of the blu-ray backers on this very website.

hey actas.whats a that the way special people type moron?

ktchong3793d ago

HD sales are still overall minute and insignificant.

actas1233793d ago

Oh really. He predicted DVDs will replace VHS and what else, oh ya CDs will replace cassette players. Are u a freaking moran. This guy is a freaking big joke.

bym051d3793d ago

Sure hope the processing power and firmware upgradability of the PS2 will allow it to play the imagined standard.

killer_trap3793d ago

he said nothing useful. that's 2 minutes i learned nothing from.

gaffyh3792d ago

This guy knows nothing I totally agree with you, he just said what everyone already knew, obviously there is only going to be one winning format.

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The story is too old to be commented.