GOTY: Elevator Ride Edition

Are the elevator rides the best thing about Mass Effect for the Xbox 360? One writer sarcastically thinks so.

From the article: "Most games have only one or two elevator rides, at the most. Not in Mass Effect! You can't go friggin anywhere without partaking in the stand and stare meditation, known as the elevator ride. You'll Stand! You'll Stare! You'll wait silently, for what seems like an eternity, for that door to open… All in the name of Fun!"

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Gamingisfornerds3880d ago

But for the most part they are avoidable aswell. You can fasttravel almost anywhere you want to in the Citadel anyway.

I think this article might be just as lame as the elevator rides in ME, perhaps I should write an article on that! :P

socomnick3880d ago

I actually liked the elevator rides. The characters would sometimes have weird conversations or the news would play in the background revealing new missions.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3880d ago

that their is ONLY one elevator in MASS EFFECT, that is frustrating.

I HATE when people nit-pick GREAT games.

like 90% of the industry does w/ ps3 games.

this NEEDS to change for any posistive advancement in this industry.


socomnick3880d ago

yea I only found one elevator annoying the one inside the normandy :/.If only it had some elevator music.

LGFreedom3879d ago

There's probably a thousand elevators in Mass Effect. Whoever told you there was only one, lied to you. Bigtime.

Twizlex3878d ago

He didn't say there was only one, he said there was only one that was frustrating. It's just a poorly placed comma that makes it seem like it could be otherwise, but you have to expect those kinds of errors since most posters are either still in grade school or simply retarded. There's only a very small number of competent people in this world.

Anyways, there are not 1,000 elevators in the game. There's probably like 25 at most, and a majority of those elevators only get used one time.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3880d ago

that`s the one.
i can`t wait to play this game.

LinuxGuru3879d ago

The elevator rides, in fact, are of course just a disguise for loading the next area's content.

That's what you get when everything's put on a DVD 9.

Twizlex3879d ago

If that's a defense of blu-ray, then you are an idiot. Data streams slower off of a blu-ray, so if anything, the loads would be LONGER if it wasn't on a DVD.

On a side note, it is quite an accomplishment that the worst thing to bɨtch about in Mass Effect is the elevators.

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