Vote for the Best Games of 2007

Did Halo 3 live up to the hype?

Did The Burning Crusade take away 6 months of your life?

Does that next elusive Call of Duty 4 rank keep you going for 'just one more game'....

Vote for what games you feel were the best of 2007!

Don't agree with the current order of the list? Simply vote up or down and this dynamic list will add your vote! If your favorite moves up or down, you can even re-vote! We'll report on the results in a week or two...

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ruibing3875d ago

What the hell? You can keep on clicking the up and down button and it records it as a vote each time (at least on the "based on" tally below the title).

slargent3875d ago

Yeah.... apparently if the position changes you can revote the games up and down.

Unlimited votes, so it is truly a 'fanboy' vote...

Kholinar3875d ago


It'd be fun to add something stupid to the list and then vote it up, since it's so badly implemented...

Kakkoii3875d ago

Actually, I voted about 800 votes, and then it went back down to 400.

The poll is rigged.

If you keep clicking down on ratchet and clank, it won't go anywhere except UP. Then back down, but then back up to the same spot.

And the 2 top games will not change positions no matter what.

So this poll is totally rigged in favor of some games.

Probotector3875d ago

That list is pure GARBAGE. Kane & Lynch? Ratchet & Clank? Ninja Gaiden Sigma?


Hydrollex3875d ago

Those are what I choose !