Atlus USA teasing new game reveal

Gematsu: "Atlus USA is teasing a new game reveal. The publisher sent out the first clue tonight to its Atlus Faithful mailing list."

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jacksonmichael2287d ago

Wow, that site is really on top of things. I just got the email about that.

ShawnCollier2287d ago

Nah, that's already been announced by them.

ATi_Elite2287d ago

Guilty Gear or Growlanser

Majin-vegeta2286d ago

I just checked their Facebook page and the game ends with an R and that image says for the next clue go to twitter.

2287d ago
ShawnCollier2287d ago

I have a strong feeling it's Gungnir. Atlus up until now hasn't ever skipped on localizing a Dept. Heaven title.

ShawnCollier2287d ago

They already announced that one.

hintonmj2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

"Generations: Persona" ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.