Yakuza 3 : images & videos

Scheduled for March 6, 2008 in Japan on PlayStation 3, Yakuza 3 reveals a little more through these new videos and a few images.

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AllroundGamer3941d ago

i think the fifth screenshot is the only nextgen one :)

Vojkan3941d ago

I knew some tool like yourself is going to say something about graphics, totally ignoring that in first place this game is made for Japan and will most likely be released only in Japan, where it is big title.
In USA/EU first game flopped, second was never released, so go figure.

AllroundGamer3941d ago

hmmm some one bubble boy couldn't understand a joke and is calling me a tool... ok :D

Relientk773941d ago

lawl at the fifth screenshot

INehalemEXI3941d ago

I want a US version on march 6th. come on.

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