Review: Real Life MMOG

"We recently mysteriously received a review copy of Real Life, an upcoming MMO that has supposedly been in a public beta test for years but slipped by us while we were playing other games. Heavenly Studios is the favored developer/publisher of Real Life (RL), but that is a point of much controversy. Some argue that there is no publisher, while others are stuck in a debate on whether it was Heavenly Studios' eastern house (Allahtta Games) or their western counterpart (Christy Software). Others abstain from committing to either side, arguing they can never know for certain. For the sake of consistency, we'll just refer to the developer/publisher as Heavenly Studios."

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AmpedMan3757d ago

Heh, sounds like one of those games that is so bad it's good.

AnthonyPerez3757d ago

This reminds me of True Crime: New York City lol

FilippoDinolfo3757d ago

I heard that the subscription costs for this game are completely insane.