Zombies, Why Does It Have To Be Zombies

After three games were teased at the VGAs that all contained some form of zombified enemy, TGH writer Vaughn.H decided to voice his opinion about Zombies in videogames.

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ShadyDevil2355d ago

I honestly love zombies as much as the next nerd but it is kind of getting old rather quick unless they do something completely new with it for Last Of Us

Ren_2355d ago

Not zombies the way I think of zombies. To me, zombies are dead bodies that have been brought back to life by some form of evil.

The Last of Us features enemies that have become infected by some organism (as far as I can tell) that has taken control of their bodies :P

Megaman_nerd2355d ago

that doesn't change anything because is the same premise.... =/

Somebody2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

The bad guys in RE4 and 5 are caused by some infectious organism inside the body. Called La Plagas or something.

Everyone agreed they are still technically zombies.

Ren_2354d ago

True zombies should be slow moving. The ones in the teaser trailer were quick :P

I think Resident Evil's history helped convince people to accept the enemies in the later games as being zombies tbh.

Micro_Sony2355d ago

Not just zombies but super fast zombies.

I hate the slow moving zombies that you can dance circles around but I also hate zombies who can shoot AK47,Ride Bikes and Cars and throw nades at you (looking at you R5)

Pintheshadows2355d ago

Honestly, there are not that many zombie games recently. Certainly not good ones or games that are not just action orientated. People are making like it's worse than the WW2 deluge from years past.

STONEY42355d ago

Soon it'll be the ZGA awards.

zerocrossing2355d ago

Zombies are cool, but crap games with Zombies in them are not...

Tastynoodle2355d ago

L4D is, as always, a blast to play but Resident Evil did zombies in the best way possible. Slow and dumb yet grouped up in small spaces. Pairing that with only 3-4 chances to get hit before death and an ammo limit and Capcom had the perfect formula for scary shit. Every zombie game these days is just an excuse for over the top gore. Noone cares about blowing the face off of a reanimated corpse morally.

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The story is too old to be commented.