Naughty Dog’s First Comments on The Last of Us

Unless you’ve been far, far away from the internet this weekend, you should already know that the VGAs afforded us our very first look at Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. If you haven’t, watch the trailer now! Then come back.

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majiebeast2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Still cant believe they managed to keep it a secret for 2+ years.

Dunno but a good thing is that they got the lead designer of the kz2 multiplayer back. Who knows they might do a rpg or something.

M4I0N32324d ago

yeah they really took me by surprise when I saw "Naughty Dog" crop up in the trailer.

Now, i'd love to see what guerilla games are working on :)

inveni02324d ago

It blows my mind. Obviously, they're divided up into two teams, and they're still Naughty Dog, but seeing that trailer just makes it seem less like two little teams with different styles and more like one big masterful family of geniuses.

I love geniuses. Especially when they bring the funk.

darthv722324d ago

everyone's main focus for them was UC3. Yet while they were working on that they were also doing this game. Not that hard to keep it a secret.

They knew the attention would be on their other masterpiece. Once that was out and people praised them for the game it was the perfect opportunity to keep the spotlight on them with this game reveal.

Sony has pumped loads of $$$$ into this dev and it shows.

sikbeta2324d ago

I'm with you guys, I never thought ND would be the Developers of this Game, my mind totally blowed when I saw ND logo, was like WOW! really? *jaw drops* :D

NewMonday2324d ago

i wish they would grow even a 3rd studio

and if Sony get all their exclusives to this level they can hold off the PS4 till 2014.

this game reminded me of Winds of Amnesia, one of the best post-apocalyptic stories made.

krisq2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

working on KZ4 for PS4 and something else for PS3.

Razmossis2323d ago

It would need to have better gameplay than Uncharted

JBaby3432323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

^^Hopefully gameplay, graphics, presentation, etc will be up to Uncharted's level. Then we are all in for a real treat.

Judging by the trailer, this game is looking phenomenal.

inveni02323d ago

If it's even half as good as the first Uncharted, it will be ten times as good as any other zombie

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gunnerforlife2324d ago

I am hoping it will be this generations very own Resi4, here's hoping its resis4 spiritual successor! Cuz RE5 failed big time for me.

BABY-JEDI2323d ago

I totally agree. Where was the horror in RE5? Play SH2 & you would understand my point.

STONEY42324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

I know, not really even a single leak. I think no one was suspicious of them making anything because they were working on and basically just released Uncharted 3.

Oh, and it's amazing how this has much better graphics than Uncharted 3. This is more like the leap that should have been seen between 2 and 3.

Army_of_Darkness2324d ago

The graphics are good but I don't think that they are that much better than uncharted 3's graphics.. Just a little bit Better because I'm playing it now and I find the graphics pretty damn impressive!

andibandit2323d ago

I have this feeling it's gonna be uncharted with zombies.

JBaby3432323d ago

^^Uncharted was with zombies :P

Oldman1002324d ago

In terms of gameplay i'm hoping for something like The Last Stand: Union City, but of course in 3d :p.

Here's a link for those who haven't played it:

AKA2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

so the new studio has this guy from KILLZONE 2?
and i bet it has more guys from KILLZONE 2 team plus part of U2 team = the best ps3 game lol...

UNCHARTED 2 & KILLZONE 2 are one of the most polished games ever... so far!

and who say they don't have any kind of MP in this? or CO OP? i mean why the f this gu from KZ2 is in this project?

some kind of side mission's co op will be nice, with other characters, juts for the fun of it..

Panthers2323d ago

I believe they said no multiplayer at ll. All the focus will be on the story. This guy from KZ2 is probably there because he knows how to develop a game. Be it single or multiplayer.

Although side missions for coop would be fun. I do hope to see that.

Ducky2324d ago

... isn't that the guy who went on to design Brink's maps?

kcuthbertson2324d ago

Brinks Maps were good...the rest of it just sucked lol.

ATi_Elite2324d ago

Yeh......... ND cranking out the hits.

Can I get a PC version of something? If not I'll just keep using my neighbors PS3.

Looking forward to more info on the Last of Us......It's gonna be epic!

Blackdeath_6632323d ago

the real question is why you havent got a ps3 yet? never mind what platform this game is coming at

Darkfocus2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

meh if I had a neighbor that let me borrow it I wouldn't own one either...pretty much only turn it on when a new exclusive comes out which takes around 10hrs average to beat (dark souls and demons souls being the only exception I've come across that actually appealed to me) and I'm done with it...why bother when you've already got more games then you've got time to play on one platform...I've got 269 steam games in the 3 years I've been using it... It's certainly better than the xbox though...can't even remember the last time I turned that on....

ATi_Elite2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

wow i got a ton of disagrees....."Rabid Fanboys"!

Disagree all you want but Naughty Dog are a AAA developer and the Last of us looks AAA+. Looks like they are going for REAL survival horror.

I'm a PC Gamer so i rarely have time for anything other than PC games but i do go next door to check out all the 360/ps3 stuff. Usually takes a case or two of beer to run through a game then i stumble back home to my PC.

and NO I'm not gonna buy a PS3 cause that money is going towards a triple 40" screen set-up for my PC in time for Command & Conquer Generals 2 2013!!

so if your a Rabid Fanboy hit DISAGREE again so i can laugh at you cause no matter what platform is your choice ND makes good games!

MsclMexican2324d ago

"A number of Sony-owned developers, including Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch Productions, Media Molecule, contribute "tech and ideas", along with ex-developer of the Halo series, Bungie"

OMG..... This could be the greatest PS3 exclusive of all time.... sorry Uncharted

showtimefolks2324d ago

hopefully we will see something in gameinformer or at E3.

ND having 2 teams and doing a new IP
GG are working on a new IP
QD are working on a new IP
SM studio are helping with 4 games maybe new GOW?

a lot of new IP's by sony when many devs are saying its too late to introduce a new IP now for this gens consoles.

I Hope on ps4 we see JAK 4 by the other team.

also i know i have nothing to worry about but just because its 2 teams hopefully won't mean a dip in quality. ND are known for quality and i hope they keep up the great work.

now to the main thing and my wish list:

only one thing i hope this game has a mixture of RPG/action adventure/puzzle solving and survival horror if it makes any sense.

other than that can't wait to find out more

Soldierone2323d ago

Don't forget Insomniac is also working on something. They just announced their third party title, but their Resistance AND Ratchet teams should also be working on something, plus they said they would work with Sony San Diego if they wanted to do Resistance 4 with them.

Also as for new IP's and it being too late

-Bungie's third party title has been in the works for some time now.
-EA's Respawn Entertainment is working on something.
-MS noted a bigger emphasis on exclusives coming soon.

And I'm sure there are plenty we are both missing. I'm not saying a new generation isn't coming (it obviously is) but I'm curious where all these IP's will end up.

showtimefolks2323d ago


its very interesting what you brought up insomniac have 3 or more teams yet they are wokring on one game for EA what are the other 2 teams up to?

If these reports over the last 6 months are true than for the time period we have seen the last of insomniac on ps3 till they see if they can succeed being 3rd party

best of luck to them, i hope they continue doing somethings with sony but i also am looking forward to some fresh devs doing ratchet or resistance games

and yes you are right there are a lot of unknowns, with xbox720 rumors suggesting sooner rather than later we will have to wait and see. E3 2012 just got very interesting

GamerGuy1532323d ago

I personally am very curious as to what Media Molecule are working on. A crazy new IP as well so they said!!!

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Apocalypse Shadow2324d ago

720p trailer if you have a psn euro account.looks great.

erathaol2324d ago

I actually do, going to get on that now.

tarbis2324d ago

Thanks for the info =D

Wizziokid2324d ago

I can't wait to play this game

Prcko2324d ago

This is instant day 1 buy!!!

Bathyj2324d ago

Hell, I might even steal it early if I get the chance.

tarbis2324d ago

leave at least one for me. lol

wages of sin2323d ago


I know right.

andibandit2323d ago Show
TBONEJF2324d ago

NAUGHTY DOG. you guys are great! Even I couldn't know that this was a secret game you've been working on for 2 yrs.