Blu-ray vs HD DVD - the war that's strangling HD

Alex Zaharov-Reutt writes:

"As the prices of Blu-ray and HD DVD players keep dropping, along with high-def flat panel TVs, consumers buying a next-gen player are having to make a choice, not knowing which format will ultimately win, buoyed only perhaps by the fact their new player should also upscale regular DVDs. Will 2008 be the year the high-def madness ends?"

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DarkSniper3878d ago

Statistic reports show that Blu-Ray is the industry leading format as we shift into the era of High Definition. Sony's investment has shown to pay dividends in ensuring that customers are filled with amazing visuals filled with rich content inside the disc.

With HD-DVD unable to generate the positive buzz needed for victory, Darksniper forsees HD-DVD to be thwarted and out of business by late 2008 along with Microsoft's XBOX 360.


PS3n3603878d ago

Hd DVD is on life support though. I hate to tie the two together. I just got a PS3 and bluray was the reason. I am impressed so far with everything else about it though, graphics are easily as good as the 360 and the washed out colors are nowhere to be found on my hdtv they are just as rich and vibrant as the 360. I still love my xbox though. I am stoked to not have to miss any great game for either system.

cuco333877d ago

The masses haven't adopted yet. Most refuse to since they don't want to end with a betamax player. The fastest selling HD disk on both formats sold 190k according to the studio and 90k according to Nielsen's. When a side sells more than 500k units, then we can talk about the other side dieing if it doesn't have disks that match. Until then, it's a purple world.

360 is here to stay. PS3 is Blu-ray's stop gap to finalize the spec and ensure it doesn't go to sh*t and thusfar has been doing just that.

pornflakes3878d ago

What a stpiud question is that?

The format will win with the cheapest price. Standalone-Player will decide about the format war not SOny, not the PS3..

just the consumer, the price and so the standalone-players.

Also to mention the easy name to understand for everybody around the world: HD DVD

Blu ray? In South America they could think its a new vacuum cleaner.

HarryEtTubMan3878d ago

You're so ignorant is hilarious

RRoDx3603878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Customers and consumers aren't stupid. People will go to retail stores and/or movie rental places and notice familiar movies with Blu-ray logo and label on it and then they will notice Blu-ray players at stores and put two and two together. They will see the movies and know that it is a high definition movie format. Stop being so ignorant, not everyone in the world is misinformed as you may assume.

And no, sometimes the cheapest doesn't always win. Sometimes average consumers will go towards the majority of the movies they like and purchase the player according to that.

And parents who have children will want HD movies for their kids, where as Disney is exclusive to Blu-ray so they will more likely have a better reason to go with Blu-ray.

deeznuts3878d ago

If cheapest always wins then why does Sony, whose products are always more expensive than the competition, have an excellent consumer products division? Oh yeah, HD DVD has been cheaper since it came out, a lot of good it's done.

let's end that argument already, can we?

RudeSole Devil3877d ago

It's not about who sells more players and how cheap they are, what really matters is which format is selling the most movies. Now that the HD-DVD add on for the Xbox 360 is now $129.00 just reinforces that fact that HD-DVD is very desperate.

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pornflakes3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Blu Ray wins in SOftware sales ONLY 2:1 although there are 10 times more players around. OF COURSE 95% of all the players are PS3 users.

You know that if we would take the ps3 out of the hardware sales HD DVD would have sold more players. Just google damn it!

Why are ya ps3 boys are so happy about? Did Sony get what they wanted? To let the ppl buy a PS3 just for lookin movies or what?

I mean, if we talk about GAME Software sales.. ya always quite.
But if we talk about movies sales.. ya always so happy about, althoug there are 10 times more BR players around but only 2 times more movies sold compared to HD-DVD.

Think about..

EDIT: Of course the most imported thing is Disney.. to let our childern sitting in front of a 50" display the whole day. And dont forget to tell them how important the clown in McDonalds is.

deeznuts3878d ago

Make that 9:1 in Japan and 4:1 in Europe. Dont matter attach rate, it's winning like crazy everywhere (closest here in the US though)

Xbox is the BEST3877d ago

one of these formats starts selling millions of a single movie per week 9:1, 4:1, 2:1 means nothing.

Monchichi0253877d ago

I'm getting a HD-DVD from my wife for Christmas. Price is the major factor as HD-DVD players go for half what a Blu-Ray goes for. And I won't get a PS3 as all the games I want are coming to the 360 as well.

darthv723877d ago

more companies will be making multiformat players as the bluray profiles near the same specs as hddvd which will make a multi unit that much more cost effective to build. It doesnt take much to adjust the beam slightly to play both formats.

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