Sega Holds Yakuza 3 Press Event In Japan

The PlayStation 3 exclusive sequel Yakuza 3 will be winging its way onto Japanese store shelves from March 6, 2008, SEGA of Japan announced today during a dedicated press event.

The company also took the time to wet our appetites a little more by revealing a couple of new details on the title, such as the fact the games storyline will be narrated by fellow radio DJ and Pride announcer, Kei Grant. Importers should also take note, as the games price was also nailed down at JYP 7,080 (roughly USD 75)

Fellow Samurai aficionados will also be pleased to know that the games creators are looking to rekindle interest in this seemingly unappreciated period of Japanese history, with Producer Toshihiro Nagoshi stating:

"I personally love Japan, but I've gotten this strange feeling of late, a feeling of loneliness. I wanted to produce something in response to this, so I changed the time frame from the modern period to the historical period."

There's no word on when North America or Europe will see the title (that is, if it's even planned for release in the west, where Yakuza 2 has yet to reach) but details are expected soon.

More as it breaks.

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ruibing3911d ago

Oh please let it come to North America, but with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

jackdoe3911d ago

See no reason for them not to include Japanese audio. Blu-ray provides enough space for developers to include two audio tracks.

Sam Fisher3911d ago

but i have a 360 and im really wanting a ps3 just 4 ff series, mgs4, and this.... thats it

hazeblaze3911d ago

I REALLY hope that the game comes to NA!!! Past Yakuza games probably didn't faire as well in the U.S. b/c of the GTA series... but this 3rd installment is something completely different based on the same sandbox style of gameplay and I would gladly have both GTA IV and Yakuza 3 in my game library!!! Hopefully Sega realizes that there is a market for the game outside of Japan!

Assuming that their goal is to sell at least 1M copies, I'm pretty sure they'll release outside of Japan though.

rukusa3910d ago

Please dude, do NOT compare the yakuza series to GTA. Thats just some reviewers bad comparison.

Yakuza is barely anything like the GTA series.

name3911d ago

Yeah I'd lol if ancient japan is fluent in english.

"Ayo, this sword is off the chain, You bout to get pwned and I'ma get a sh*tload of honor"

rukusa3910d ago

That fine piece will be imported oh yez!