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PlayStation 3D Display Price Drops to $399

The Sony PlayStation 3D Display has taken $100 price drop, now down to $399 with a copy of MotorStorm: Apocalypse, HDMI cable and one 3D glasses. (PS3, Sony, Tech)

Rageanitus  +   989d ago
Costco $550

3d Monitor, HDMI cable, 1 pair of 3d glasses, 160gb ps3, Motorstorm, Killzone 3.

I think this is a pretty sweet deal for parents who have kids.
jthamind  +   989d ago
as opposed to parents who....don't have kids?
darthv72  +   989d ago
its a
sweet deal either way.
EVILDEAD360  +   989d ago
LOL @ them dropping the price only a couple of days after I bought
Love it..definately could have picked up a bigger tv for the price. But the entry 3D was what I wanted it for.

I'm now sold on 3D games..

Uncharted 3 is simply UNGODLY..

I was literally blown away.

Going to try the rest of my games out. Havent even opened Motostorm yet.

Just bought my remote today for it.
Worth every sent..especially if it's 100 dollars cheaper



Thanx Darth may look into it..but if not I'm satisfied.
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darthv72  +   989d ago
you could still get the difference
contact your store to find out more.
baodeus  +   989d ago
if you have 2 kids or more, what should the rest do when they have only 1 pair of 3d glasses?

And what is the age requirement to play KZ3?
Emmettcelticfan  +   989d ago
No wonder that thing is grossly overpriced, £450 it costs in the UK. I got a 42" Panasonic with 2 free pairs of active shutter glasses for £500 3 weeks ago
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Rageanitus  +   989d ago
true the 300 range would have been much better IMO.
cliffbo  +   989d ago
and does your panasonic do the dual screen display ? i dont think so, if it did it would of been allot dearer.
Emmettcelticfan  +   989d ago
I think I'd rather have a 42" than Simulview tech. I haven't played split screen in a good year and a half. so the cost isn't justified to me for a small screen
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Zynga  +   989d ago
I'd sacrifice dual screen display for bigger screen size anyday
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TheDivine  +   989d ago
Yea but splitscreen on a 42 in is roughly the same size as full screen on a 24 in plus its almost double the size for 3d veiwing/playing, tv, and movies so its pointless. The splitscreen tech on the ps tv is really cool but its not worth half the screen size and it only works on certain games. When it hits 42in tv's and up with people watching different shows at the same time its f***ing on!
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jack_burt0n  +   989d ago
yup eu got screwed big time, just grab an lg 23" for £150 does the same thing. if ur tight on cash.
lelo2play  +   989d ago
I suspect it will even get cheaper. We already can get a 3D 23" TV/monitor for 200-250€. Sony took way to much time to launch it. They should have released it right after the presentation at E3... and it only comes to Europe next year (I think ???).

Big mistake Sony made with the 499 price tag for a 23" 3D TV.
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Noticeably_FAT  +   989d ago
If that thing was priced $199 I'd consider it. I don't really like 3-D and that screen is super small, also it's not even a television, so it's a frigging ripoff as it stands.
STK026  +   989d ago
When you say it's not even a TV, do you mean it doesn't have a TV tuner? If so, I can't see the appeal of it, unless you really only want to game in 3D; as you could get a bigger HD non-3D TV for 499$ (or 399$ for that matter).
darthv72  +   989d ago
it may not have a built in tuner
but it can still work with set top boxes from cable and satellite providers. Plus it can be used for PC as well.

It is getting to the point where more and more sets will not have tuners. OTA broadcasting switched from analog to digital in the US not to long ago and since then the adoption rate of satellite and cable has gone up.

Mostly because people feel its easier to pay for the box that does everything than mess with antennas. OTA broadcasting may even cease by 2020. That is just a guess.

edit. Yeah it is several years away. They are giving people ample time to get things in order. I have seen new units that still have a coax input but no tuner. Go figure it is a single input for the use of cable box.

Some of these newer digital antennas use a remote and single connection to the tv. You control the channels on the antenna not the tv. Sort of a mini cable box but no cable service. It save $$$ on manufacturing cost by doing it that way.

And hey, I get what your saying so people need to tell sony.
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kcuthbertson  +   989d ago

While that's true...A lot of people don't have boxes (my house only has one for the main room, the rest are just coax hook-ups. And 2020 Is quite a ways away...

You don't build a product to sell ten years from now..you build it to sell now.
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STK026  +   989d ago
Thanks for the info Darth, forgot about that; guess I'd be okay with the 3D display then (if they decide to make a bigger one).
jthamind  +   989d ago
i'll take a bigger 1080p TV for the same price without the useless 3D, plus a remote that comes with it.

no thanks on this one, Sony.
josephayal  +   989d ago
great price im going to buy two
crazyturkey  +   989d ago
If only the screen was bigger....32" minimum and Sony would get my money. Hopefully in the next model(if they make one) they'll make it bigger and a TV.
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spektical  +   989d ago
still overpriced.

its a monitor.. should be around 200
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