Images and trailer of Ninja Gaiden 2

Gamersyde just received a trailer and some screenshots of Ninja Gaiden 2, as today apparantly is the "Day of the Ninja".

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Mr_Kuwabara3943d ago

Decapitation and gore at its finest..

unlimited3943d ago

looks like sigma but with more gore..

dragunrising3942d ago

What a ridiculous thing to say. There is no comparison. Here is a better comparison: Sigma doesn't look too unlike Black, albeit higher resolution and better lighting.

wil4hire3943d ago

maybe this will keep the xbots out of the ps3 news?

BloodySinner3943d ago

Do you plan on shutting up sometime, asshole?

wil4hire3943d ago

Thats why its there.

Just because your Avatar is tough, doesn't make you so.

BloodySinner3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

... or we can always bring your bubble down, that always works too.

TheXgamerLive3943d ago

God I hate you, you really are a whiny baby and you suck bad, damn get a life and leave here, m'kay.

You use a term that makes no sence either, xbot, what the hell does that mean, Hmmm. Your such a loser. Always whining on most every post. Again, just leave loser.

THAMMER13943d ago

Is this why your so F___ed up.

rubarb233943d ago

looks like someone got pwnd

dragunrising3942d ago

If I could give you two bubbles I would, LOL. Riot

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crazy250003943d ago

ima play this when my friend gets it....looking nice

jcgamer3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I agree...NG2 is looking nice indeed...

fe103943d ago

Where are the ps bots now. hoho

You know you want it.

cyprus3943d ago

This game makes me want a 360!

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The story is too old to be commented.