Ars Technica Debunks the Microsoft/HD DVD conspiracy theories

Ars Technica writes:

"Microsoft is feeding money into the HD format wars! It hopes that both sides will fail, and the consumer will fall into the arms of digital downloads! The sky is falling! If you read some of the recent coverage on this topic, you might come away thinking exactly that. But the truth is a bit more complex, and points towards Microsoft's greater interest in seeing HD DVD succeed than having both parties lose."

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v1c1ous3882d ago

1- it puts microsoft in a positive light
2- it has hd-dvd in the title
3- everything michael bay says is true

HowarthsNJ3882d ago

They're just stating opinion. The truth will not be told anytime soon.

marinelife93882d ago

I agree the article doesn't debunk anything it's just adding it's opinion to the mix. It's logical but still just and opinion.

Michael Bay might have a little more insight into what is going on than a tech website.

blackmagic3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

This 'conspiracy' theory is hogwash.

1. The present internet backbone is VASTLY bottlenecked on the bandwidth that would be required for HD downloads on any type of scale. Transformers sold 8.5M discs in it's first week alone just in the US. Does anybody really believe that the internet is capable of handling 8.5 MILLION 30Gb transfers? EVERY service provider on the internet would crash under this traffic and it is only ONE TITLE during ONE WEEK. Besides, how much of the world is limited to dial-up connections or even no connections. Face it, Digital downloads are decades away from even being possible on the scale and availability that is required. Physical media is not an option, it is a requirement. Digital Download will live life as an >optional< service for many, MANY years.

2. How can this be a conspiracy if Bill Gates himself has openly discussed it: "We think HD-DVD is great. It's a fantastic experience. I bought a lot of the discs, played with them. It's neat. But >OVER TIME, EVENTUALLY< online is going to be more important." Hardly the stuff 'conpiracies' are made of!

3. Paramount didn't receive anything from Microsoft, they received an 'advertising incentive' from Toshiba. Essentially, this is a good way of exchanging monies between two parties without it being eaten away by taxation. Toshiba advertises Paramount titles for them representing a certain dollar value and Paramount goes exclusive. Simple.

4. HD DVD represents a very real income stream to Microsoft who gets royalties from both it's VC1 CODEC which is presently used on about 90% of disc releases and it's HDi operating system.

5. If you want conspiracies? Apple, a BDA Board Member that doesn't have a single Blu-ray product, hasn't even announced a single Blu-ray product but is shoveling money into it's well established download service especially the newer video section. What is their interest?

I just wanted to add that Bay has gone on about smaller disc space and especially how the Transformers HD DVD wasn't able to include a lossless audio track but when you look at how the disc has been recieved you see a completely differnt story. The Transformers HD DVD has recieved universal praise from reviewers on its PQ and AQ and has even won the 'Best Audio Quality' category High Def Disc Award beating out EVERY lossless disc released on both formats. Things that make you say 'hmmm'?

Michael Bay needs to stop drinking wine with Blu-ray lobbyists masquerading as friends.

WilliamRLBaker3881d ago

agreed black magic and bubble for you.

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The Killer3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

MS wins more if both they fail, because of digital downloads and if both formats are dead then ps3 trump card(blue ray) will be no use because no one will be interested in HD in physical format! and they will make sony loose a lot of money and thats their dream! sony can change sides if HD-DVD is the winner so if HD-DVD wins it wont hurt sony so much, not as much if both formats loose!

malingenie3882d ago

Ars Technica is bought by M$ I knew it!!!
Totally J/K

deeznuts3882d ago

Ars isn't (it's a damn good site) but if you read the site regularly, you can tell Ben Kuchera is :D

darkvenom3882d ago

course Micro$oft will deny it,they'll never admit to it but everyone know it's true.but no matter how many checks they write Blu ray will continue to dominate imo.

Dlacy13g3882d ago

I saw that ...then followed the link to and sure enough its only $129 through them....yet on they list it at a whopping $179 still?!?!?!? What gives Amazon, why so expensive?

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