Hideo Kojima Says "We would like to make Zone of The Enders 3"

On Saturday December 10th 2011 during the Spike Video Game Awards a Red Carpet Interview Konami's Hideo Kojima tells That He Wants to make The highly anticipated Zone of The Enders 3.

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zerocrossing2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

And I would like to play it! :D

Godmars2902169d ago

An if you have to decide between multiplayer and making a good SP, please go for the SP.

zerocrossing2169d ago

I play Z.O.E for the story, so hell yeah! SP all the way.

erathaol2168d ago

Dude, the first ZOE had MP and it was actually really good. A lot of fighting Mech games struggle to even reach that level of awesomeness.

Either way I would love a ZoE 3, I felt like I was teased during MGS4's Ray vs Rex battle.

Godmars2902168d ago

That was 1v1 "multiplayer" that features different types of mechs.

Not today's standards, which would be 8v8 with everyone in the same mech. Nevermind a multiplayer which would be more like a MP tutorial.

DA_SHREDDER2168d ago

There's co-op multiplayer, and 1 v 1, also hoard mode. Game is gonna look sick on my 120 hrz 3-D tv and will probably make my eyes bleed.

tarbis2168d ago

well if the mp is as good as gundam extreme vs or better then I'm all for it.

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dark-hollow2168d ago

and we are happy to buy it!!!
Please MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

Nitrowolf22169d ago

Cool and come the release of the HD collection please hide a little teaser after completing both games

Iroquois_Pliskin2169d ago

Ok mr kojima, but make MGS 5 first. Please, throw us a bone here mr kojima


I'm sorry but it actually hurt me to disagree with you man. Metal Gear Solid 5 will be a game I would love to play but, Honestly I feel Zone should be 1st. It's a difference in pace, and something that should have been a long time ago. If he started MGS 5 knowing his rep for taking long times for games. We'd never see ZOE3

Soldierone2169d ago

with the studio now able to work on two titles, maybe 3 i dont see why not work on both? I mean he is the main guy for Kojima basically now, what better way to make yourself look good than to have two flagship titles release year after year and watch sales be high?

If they are working on a Vita adaptation, I don't see why a smaller group couldn't just "port" the ps3 version to the vita, thats how Sony made the system.

SweatyFlorida2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Agreed. ZotE 3 would be so freaking sweet seeing how we haven't had that in a longer time then we had a MGS game (MGS4).

So I rather them work on ZotE 3 with the foxengine, really get everything out of it, then when it comes time to make MGS5 (probably next gen), they will be skilled enough with the engine and make MGS5 the best MGS game they can. And again, MGS5 on next-gen consoles with the tech that goes along with them(it) would truly make for an epic game!

kramun2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

He says that every year.

It's just his way of fobbing you off. He's like

'Yeah I'd love to make another one'

- God, why can't they leave me alone....

Next year....

'We would love to make one, absolutely'

- Little bastards won't leave me alone!

Next year....

'We are close to wanting to really make one'


Next year....

'Just f*** off will ya!'

Why o why2168d ago

we will break him

he will fold

we will get our game

kramun2168d ago

You shall!

*clenches fist*

MrMickeal2169d ago

This would make me excited about games again if this happened. Z.O.E 1+2 HD remake would make me a happy gamer.

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