Ex-GameSpot Editor Jeff Gerstmann Talks Standards, Suspicions Of Older Fishy Reviews

MTV's Stephen Totilo exchanged some emails with ex-GameSpot review Jeff Gerstmann.

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Kholinar3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I'm sick of this too. But this part confirms some of my comment in the last big "JG wins the Lottery thread":

"Also, see that chart up there? That’s the estimated traffic performance of GameSpot over the most recent seven-day stretch that the figures are available. Remember, this story broke on Nov 29. That’s when people on the Internet started talking about blacking out the site.

Note the lack of a dip."

In fact, traffic has risen. Not too bad for Gamespot, huh?

So very little downside for Gamespot and Jeff's stock has never been higher. I still wonder if we're being played....

killer_trap3823d ago

so there's bribery in the video games industry. big deal it's everywhere else. sports, politics, media and many others. so why are some people surprised?

IGNFTW3823d ago


fopums3823d ago

it seems they are not going to divulge exactly what happened, and becuase of that the suspicions will never end. so this isnt really going anywhere......

BlazinEurasian3823d ago

Its not surprising, but it is disappointing.

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