Blacksite: Area 51 reviewed at and receives a 5/10

Lack luster gameplay and more bugs than an ant colony lead to an uninspired game.

Taken from the review:

I haven't played a First Person Shooter this bad since Turok Evolution. The game is certainly playable and you can see that there are ideas that if implemented well they could've worked out to be something interesting. In a holiday season as busy as this one with a lot of great FPS's there is no reason to buy this game. If I got this game for Christmas instead of Bioshock, Call Of Duty 4, or The Orange Box I'm pretty sure that fisticuffs would ensue.

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daftshadow3883d ago

This game really had potential only given more time to workout the bells and whistles. Then again, it was a product from Midway so I'm not really surprise at all.

Afterburn3883d ago

The first A51 was a great game. Too bad, I was kinda looking forward to this one too. I also heard the online support for this one is next to nothing.

picker3323883d ago

I bet all the people who works in area 51 laughing there asses of when they see this game!

Peace Out!

LJWooly3883d ago

Very humurous. Good review, although I thought the final score was a bit harsh.