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Submitted by wanderson75 1523d ago | news

Konami Launches New Metal Gear Solid Website

Coinciding with the launch of the VGA announcement trailer for Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengance, Konami has launched a new website dedicated to all things Metal Gear Solid. The website sports interactive features such as the MGS Saga, a timeline of events occuring within the Metal Gear Solid universe, as well as key historical events that take place in the timeframe. Players can also add their own “MGS Memories”, or view and discuss memories that others have posted. (Konami, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Thabass  +   1523d ago
Bugthesda  +   1523d ago
Ok, now do the world a favor and cancel it again. It should've stayed canceled considering how terrible it looks now. I'm still not sure why they're even calling it a Metal Gear game cause it looks like a Ninja Blade clone with a Metal Gear mod slapped over it.

I'll skip this garbage and wait for a REAL Metal Gear game. Kojima might as well ignore everything that happens in this when he makes MGS5.

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