Square Enix Goes Modern Day, The World Ends

Square Enix isn't all about Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. It's also about Kingdom Hearts, and from the makers of Kingdom Hearts comes The World Ends With You, coming to this Spring to the Nintendo DS. Released in Japan as Subarashiki Kono Sekai, The World Ends With You is the story of a guy named Neku who wakes up to find a message on his phone telling him that he has seven days before his existence ceases to be. Then it gets weird.

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PS360WII3826d ago

I've been wanting this game for a good while now. Still no US date :(

Laexerias3826d ago

Its SOOOOOO great! I hope it will come soon in a Language which i understand lmao.

KingKirchner3826d ago

oh, it uses the mic. That sux, the DS Lite mic is horrible.