Last week's new in Photoshop form: Miyamoto talks retirement, Old Republic gets crowded, and more

In this edition, Dead Rising 3 joins the border patrol, The Last Story enchants Europe in February, and the PlayStation 3 is old enough to be childish.

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NagaSotuva2324d ago

Where exactly is that fishing spot? I need to go there!

THR1LLHOUSE2324d ago

Rick Perry: Zombie Basher is gonna be a crazy game. There's something seriously wrong in this country when zombies can, you know, take it over.

zerocrossing2324d ago

Nah, Zombies have been ruling the world for a while now, but instead of wearing blood stained clothes and eating brains, they wear suits and eat your money!

Sadie21002324d ago

I hope those zombies eat Rick Perry in that last picture.