Fortune Street is a waste of a Mario/Square Enix crossover

A Square Enix game with Mario and Dragon Quest characters should be a huge hit. Instead, we get got Fortune Street.

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jacksonmichael2293d ago

If only it had been a fighting game... That would have been awesome.

NagaSotuva2293d ago

Quit screwing around with us and make Mario RPG 2 already!

THR1LLHOUSE2293d ago

I've never been the biggest Mario Party fan, but at least those levels are *always* interesting in some way. This looks pretty darn boring (and if that's just a side-effect of the way the game works, then like the author says, it's a waste of the crossover).

Sadie21002293d ago

This game isn't Mario Party at all. It's more like Monopoly....

THR1LLHOUSE2293d ago

Yeah, but it's still a Nintendo board game thing. I know they're not the same, but I'd say they're at least related.

oricon2293d ago

Not really Mario and Sonic Olympic is a of a crossover

Chrono2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

In Japan, this series is very popular (Itadaki Street). It's certainly not a waste for them.