Warhawk Omega Dawn New Video

A new video detailing the new map.

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HarryEtTubMan3880d ago

looks awesome but why not show it in game with 32 people? Would look so much cooler

Vip3r3880d ago

I really hope it's out tomorrow on all stores.

wil4hire3880d ago

Warhawk is a great engine, and supports 32 people. Crazy.

all that + motion blur /hdr lighting/ excellent shadows.

gamesblow3880d ago

As I said before, and got lambasted for it, the game really needs to be 64 players deep... Sorry. This map is huge... It's going to be very barron and vaccant even with 32 players on it. Hell, some maps are so big now you run and run and run and drive and drive and drive without being in the mix of things. I just don't think this mpa is going to lend itself to the experience of Warhawk.

Warhawk is best on smaller maps and 32 players... or when every is in warhawks. Simple as that.

SmokeyMcBear3880d ago

well i gotta agree in some way with you.. this particular map is huuuugggeee.. would be ideal for a 64 player match, but in honesty, the others are quite perfect if you ask me. Just enough action, sometime the smaller maps can be way too chaotic.

gamesblow3880d ago

The thing is... Hear me out. When you get down to it, at the most you're only going to be fighting 16 other people. That's it. so, when you put that spin on it... things don't look so broad now do they? 32 players against 32 players would be ideal. Dylan said back in the Beta that they had 64 players up and running but they didn't feel it was optimal. Maybe someday we'll get the patch to do so??

LOFT3163880d ago

For either 32 or 64 but personally i think the've got the balance right with the size of the maps and the number of players for the size of the maps

Chubear3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Hey, it's very possible that 32v32 could be optimized for this in the future with spec tweaks and also, I think it's safe to say Warhawk 2 is definitly going to likely have 32v32.

hazeblaze3880d ago

While I agree that 64 players would be cool... it has proven not to be necessary as of yet. Although Warhawk has some huge maps... it leaves space to take sneaky routes to your objectives (particularly when trying to avoid the 'hot spots' when returning the flag). But even though the maps are big, it's never hard to find where the primary action is.... I suspect it will be the same on this map.

I guess my point is, the only way to be on a map and not be in the action is if you CHOOSE to stay away from the action... and even then it'll catch you sooner or later (particularly if you're carrying a flag). The map designs of Warhawk are pretty genius... and this one in particular looks better than the original ones! I hope they give us one or two more of these map packs!

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The story is too old to be commented.