Five reasons Modern Warfare 3 sucks

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 may sell tens of millions of copies worldwide and be the #1 most played game on Xbox LIVE, but there are many reasons it is simply not a good game. Here are five of them.

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Canary2172d ago

Only the most casual of gamers expected MW3 not to suck. Only the most casual of gamers care about articles praising or condemning MW3. This is the lowest form of hitbaiting drivel.

Getowned2171d ago

"Only the most casual of gamers care about articles praising or condemning MW3"

Is it just me or does it reek of hypocrisy in here.

spunnups2172d ago

Im not sayin it sucks, but, it is the same old same old. Im over this genric military run and gun mindless shooter.

Horny2172d ago

I stopped playing it a week after release. It's not that I hate it, its just that I'm bored of it.

theonlylolking2172d ago

1. Yeah, lag compensation does suck.

2. The map design is not bad. Just change your play style to fit the maps.

3.Camping is not bad and if you do not like kill confirmed then do not play it.

4.Simple, if you are slow to customize your classes then exit out of the lobby and change them.

5.It is pretty short which is why you should play the story mode on vet.

Xander7562172d ago

I did play campaign on vet. Took 4 hours.

Jobesy2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Yeah, doubt that. Proof or it didn't happen. Unless you're doing a speed run, which would still be very hard to do that on vet.

As for camping, why must people complain? You cannot avoid camping in games, EVERY FPS has camping. Also, alot of people confuse locking down an area with camping. If a team strategically covers certain spots on a map and locks down positions, that's not camping, that's using teamwork and strategy. Campers are the guys hiding in a corner or shrub waiting for someone to run by. Difference is campers hide, strategic players don't.

h311rais3r2171d ago

Um...of course campers are in every game. There just happens to be A LOT in cod. I've seen less in defense style game types in most games than in 1 tdm in cod. And yes maps are bad. Spawn die spawn die spawn get knifed at beginning of match. Perty bayad

Getowned2171d ago

oh I would say the map design is really bad when you can do this(see video),if I have to change my play style because of crap like that then no it's not even worth it.The game is horrible from lag to design,I did enjoy the single player but the single player is not why anyone plays cod anymore.Mw3 is all around crap and broken I can't even be botherd to play it anymore.

Grimhammer002172d ago

Play it religiously. Love it.
My only complaint is the private playlists aren't available as ranked.

Lag compensation is as good as it gets. Haven't played a fps yet without some lag. Bf3, kz3...dedicated servers don't seem to do much in my experiences.

Getowned2171d ago

yeah I agree but COD is A LOT more laggie then any of those games and probably the most laggiest game I'v ever played.

blink30202171d ago

The most laggiest game you've ever played? I think you need to go back to school my friend.

Getowned2171d ago

get a sense of humor blink3020 lol

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