Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD - VGA 2011 Debut Trailer [HD]

The official VGA 2011 debut trailer of Tony Hawk: Pro Skater HD.

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TheBeast2503d ago

When I heard was this made me feel young again.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2503d ago

they shoulda had Goldfinger's Superman playing in this trailer. But I'd know that grind combo anywhere. Can easily get a million points by spamming it. Games gonna be awesome.

Wonder if it'll have the original soundtrack.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2502d ago

Yeah good times playing American wasteland.

mugoldeneagle032502d ago

I remember this was one of my first Dreamcast games. Sooooo much fun. Hoepfully they remake 2 and stop there, tho I didn't think 3 was too bad either

Covert_Gunman2503d ago

Haven't really been much into skating games, but hey, it's free right? :)

younglj012502d ago

Is it free for real or you joking with me?

Covert_Gunman2502d ago

Nah, it's not free. There was just a rumor that it would be.

younglj012502d ago

oh thanks because I knew Activision don't turn down any amount of money.And trust me this game going too sell like crazy.First Activision game I'm going too buy in YEARS...

TheColbertinator2503d ago

Hopefully we get to unlock Officer Dick again.

256bit2503d ago

i was expecting goldfinger to play when i saw the warehouse level

jizzyjones2502d ago

I hope they do a 2nd HD collection of 3/4/Underground. (and I hope School II is in this 1)

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The story is too old to be commented.