GSC GameWorld's Official Statement: "we will do our best to continue"

DSOGaming writes: "As promised yesterday, GSC GameWorld made an official announcement about the fate of STALKER 2. And just a few minutes ago, GSC tweeted that they will do their best to continue. What does this mean though? Does this mean that STALKER 2 will be outsourced to another developer or will a new gaming studio be formed after GSC's closure? One can only guess."

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NYC_Gamer2564d ago

the rest of the staff might as well join 4A games and bring the stalker franchise with them.

ATi_Elite2563d ago

This is just a big P.R. stunt just like Good ole Games did a while back where they closed down and made a big fuss about it while they just restructured somethings.

They are restructuring or changing the name or moving to a new studio or something BUT they are not canceling STALKER 2.

There has been NO official statements from Sergi or Oleg and all this info has been "Very Non-Specific" and through second hand sources which makes it very suspect.

GSC is just pulling our legs and until Sergi or Oleg come out with a full statement describing the what's and hows, I'm not gonna sweat it anymore.

STALKER 2 will be launched sometime in 2012 on the PC in all it's DX11 glory with possible console ports this or next Gen or until Oleg or Sergi tell me differently.

Ducky2563d ago

Get out of here Stalker.

... No please, come back. I was kidding.