Final Fantasy XIII-2 - A Guided Tour Trailer [HD]

A guided tour of the game Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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fluffydelusions2168d ago

Well nice to see they are addressing some of the complaints from XIII anyway...

blitz06232168d ago

It seems they only made this game to try and satisfy the complaints of linearity, no towns, no NPCs, etc. This is what FFXIII should have been

Optical_Matrix2168d ago

My money. TAKE IT! I BEG OF YOU!

Godmars2902168d ago

We'll have none of that when some of us want them to make an actual *GOOD* game, Bub.

Alos882168d ago

It certainly seems they've taken a lot of the comments from fans on board with this one, though how they've finished it so quickly is anyone's guess.

helghast1022168d ago

No words.
But I'll leave with this one;

slyrunner2168d ago

I can honestly say i like what i saw. Im noting going to bash a game when i haven't played it, it looks interesting!

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The story is too old to be commented.